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How to prepare and drink green tea.

The chemical composition and the benefits of green tea

The usefulness of green tea are due to the presence in it of almost all groups of vitamins, almost 500 micro and macro and about 450 kinds of organic compounds.

The content of proteins with free amino acids in green tea reaches 25%. Due to the high content of proteins, this plant is not inferior to bean crops

in terms of nutritional value and calorie content.

Not replacing food, green tea at the same time helps the body a long time to endure her lack or absence. That is why he is the main drink for the sailors, hunters, fishermen, geologists and travelers.

Tetany contained in the leaves of green tea, has pronounced antibacterial properties, Continue reading

9 dessert recipes with three ingredients

Like original and simple culinary experiments? Then you will be interested to cook a dish, consisting of only three ingredients! This time the League of Chefs presents to your attention the best dessert recipes from the minimum of ingredients. Try it and you will love these simple and delicious solution!


1. Flour + butter + powdered sugar = shortbread

Of these three ingredients you can prepare a simple, but incredibly tasty shortbread. A little melted butter stir in flour to form a thick dough, and then, continuing to knead the dough, gradually pour the powdered sugar to taste. Bake these Continue reading

Useful products that are worth avoiding

Not everything that seems useful and healthy, that is. Here are some products that are disguised as “good”, though actually they’re not nearly as useful!

Fruit juice

Many fans of a healthy lifestyle are addicted to fruit juices, considering them to be healthy and nutritious. However, the juices, for the most part — “dummy”, as in they have no fiber, but contains a lot of unwanted sugar (which in such amounts is very harmful, unless you happen to be going to do a 20-mile jog). Accordingly, turning to fruit juices, you will not lose

weight and become fitter and more active.

Energy bars

Most “energy bars”, located on the shelves of supermarkets is candy, cleverly disguised as healthy food. They are certainly convenient, if you need something to chew on-the-go, but can’t replace real food. Even Continue reading

Green tea

Green tea is a delicious refreshing drink, which is loved not only in the East. Its been a very long time used as a cure for various ailments. But as it turns out, green tea can harm the body. Green tea: the benefits and harms — the topic of this article.

Green tea is very popular among lovers of this drink, because it contains a number of nutrients that are beneficial to the human body . The composition of green tea includes a large number of trace elements, organic compounds and almost all vitamins. Because of this green tea is very useful.

The composition of green tea contains theine, which gives cheerfulness .

Theine is the same caffeine present in coffee. In tea caffeine present in pure form, and bound together with tannin, so it is called theine. The action of theine akin to caffeine, only it is much softer because longer absorbed into the bloodstream. Theine helps to tidal forces, stimulates mental and physical activity. Theine strengthens the heart muscle; good effect on the overall condition of blood vessels Continue reading

Green tea harm or benefit

The birthplace of green tea, according to many researchers, is China. In culture it was introduced in II-III centuries A. D. In Russia green tea appeared in 1638 to Four pounds outlandish dried sheet was brought from Mongolia as a gift from Altyn-Khan Russian Tsar Mikhail Fyodorovich Ambassador Vasily Starkov. In 1679, an agreement was signed with China for the supply of tea, and since then Russia has become a tradition the custom of drinking tea. In 1833 the first tea plantation was established in the Crimea, and in 1847 – near Batumi. The Republic of Belarus tea imports.

The tea plant in the world is cultivated for its leaves. And collect only the young, only blossoming. The most valuable young shoots with 2-3 leaves and unopened buds.

Green tea contains Continue reading

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