Green tea

Green tea is a delicious refreshing drink, which is loved not only in the East. Its been a very long time used as a cure for various ailments. But as it turns out, green tea can harm the body. Green tea: the benefits and harms — the topic of this article.

Green tea is very popular among lovers of this drink, because it contains a number of nutrients that are beneficial to the human body . The composition of green tea includes a large number of trace elements, organic compounds and almost all vitamins. Because of this green tea is very useful.

The composition of green tea contains theine, which gives cheerfulness .

Theine is the same caffeine present in coffee. In tea caffeine present in pure form, and bound together with tannin, so it is called theine. The action of theine akin to caffeine, only it is much softer because longer absorbed into the bloodstream. Theine helps to tidal forces, stimulates mental and physical activity. Theine strengthens the heart muscle; good effect on the overall condition of blood vessels and internal organs, improves oxygen exchange.

Due to the presence of certain macro – and micronutrients green tea promotes excretion of radionuclides and heavy metals from the body . Zinc, which is also found in tea, improves the condition of hair, nails, increases the immune resistance of the organism. Calcium helps strengthen bones and teeth and normalizes the thyroid gland.

The green tea contains Pro-vitamin a, which improves vision and prevents the development of caries . Therefore, green tea can be given to young children. But certainly not in very large quantities. One Cup a day is enough. Vitamin C in green tea is four times more than lemon. In addition, three cups of green tea contain the daily requirement of vitamin PP.

It is proved that green tea prevents the development of certain types of tumors . Also green tea reduces the likelihood of developing multiple sclerosis, brain clots, and hypertension.

However, green tea can also harm the body . Therefore, it is worth considering that for some people it is better to refrain from this drink. Pregnant women are advised to exclude it from the diet altogether. And people who suffer from atherosclerosis and hypertension, should not drink strong green tea.

You also shouldn’t drink too much green tea, as too much theine leads to cardiac arrhythmias and chronic fatigue . For the same reason you should not drink tea after 6pm. Refreshing drink can lead to sleep disturbances and fatigue.

Green tea should not drink on an empty stomach, because it irritates the gastric mucosa . But if you drink it after a meal, thus you can improve the digestion process, because the tea will stimulate the stomach to digest food.

Medicines and tablets you can not drink green tea . As this drink has the property of outputting various toxins from the body, it will reduce the effect of pharmaceutical preparations and will reduce it almost to zero. In any case you can not mix tea with alcohol if you don’t want to hurt Your kidneys. You also cannot drink green tea with milk. This is because when mixing these two drinks are formed of specific chemical elements that are harmful for the body.

Not necessary to be fond of green tea . As it very much affects the nervous system, can produce dependence upon him. Also a too high quantity of polyphenols that protect the body from cancer that affects the liver.

It is worth mentioning that green tea bags does not possess all of these miraculous properties . Therefore it is better to opt for loose leaf brewing. Choose only high quality green tea. The benefits and harms is relative. Each product is useful for certain properties, and everyone can find something harmful.

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