Useful products that are worth avoiding

Not everything that seems useful and healthy, that is. Here are some products that are disguised as “good”, though actually they’re not nearly as useful!

Fruit juice

Many fans of a healthy lifestyle are addicted to fruit juices, considering them to be healthy and nutritious. However, the juices, for the most part — “dummy”, as in they have no fiber, but contains a lot of unwanted sugar (which in such amounts is very harmful, unless you happen to be going to do a 20-mile jog). Accordingly, turning to fruit juices, you will not lose

weight and become fitter and more active.

Energy bars

Most “energy bars”, located on the shelves of supermarkets is candy, cleverly disguised as healthy food. They are certainly convenient, if you need something to chew on-the-go, but can’t replace real food. Even “good”, expensive bars is just a sugar bomb, in which, besides, not enough fibre and protein. Cheap same bars just harmful. This low-quality components, glued strange sweet substance. A healthy alternative to such products — a bag of nuts and dried fruits that you bought from a reputable place and have themselves mixed in the desired proportion.

Whole grain wheat

Many people still believe that if the package says “whole grain”, it is certainly something useful. However, this is usually just a sticker, under which hides all of the same poor quality, have passed the factory processed foods laced with sugar, fat, and pesticides. Besides wheat source of gluten, which many people are allergic. Increased sensitivity to gluten can cause digestive problems, provoke inflammation and other troubles. The easiest, of course, refuse to wheat at all. Bread — the product is necessary, but not necessarily buy wheat bread.


The main problem with soy is that to find organic, grown without pesticides soy is very difficult. If the products that you buy, is the soy, it is 99% cheap and unhealthy ingredient, which is added to reduce the cost of production. If you think you really need it, prefer simple soy products without additives, with the obligatory “without GMO”.

Fish grown on the farm

Everyone knows that fish is a rich source of protein and healthy fatty acids. However, it can be considered useful only freshly caught fish, grew up in the wild. What we see on the shelves is a product of mass production, spiced with a fair amount of various growth hormones and other chemicals that accelerate and cheaper process. This fish grown in polluted water bodies fed mainly artificial additives and drugs against parasites is the source of many diseases. Harm from it much more than good.

Find a provider “healthy” fish are very difficult, at least in Russia. Easier to walk away from animal products and switch to a vegetarian diet, as organic farming is gaining momentum, and vegetarians can eat really high quality food.

Frozen yogurt

Not so long ago we began to have cute shops offer a healthy alternative to ice cream — frozen yogurt. Unfortunately, he’s not that useful. First, there is added a lot of sugar to make the visitor come again and again. Secondly, this delicacy is put canned fruits and syrups. So if you really want to taste some cold yogurt or a smoothie, better prepare yourself.

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