9 dessert recipes with three ingredients

Like original and simple culinary experiments? Then you will be interested to cook a dish, consisting of only three ingredients! This time the League of Chefs presents to your attention the best dessert recipes from the minimum of ingredients. Try it and you will love these simple and delicious solution!


1. Flour + butter + powdered sugar = shortbread

Of these three ingredients you can prepare a simple, but incredibly tasty shortbread. A little melted butter stir in flour to form a thick dough, and then, continuing to knead the dough, gradually pour the powdered sugar to taste. Bake these cookies need only 15-20 minutes, and at the end of cooking you can sprinkle it with powdered sugar again.

2. Cake mix + orange juice + Greek yogurt = orange cupcake

Mix cake mix, yogurt and a little Greek yogurt so that you get the average density of the dough. Place the dough in the mold and bake for 30 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees.

3. Cooking oil + buttermilk + slobodnadalmacija flour = biscuits

When connecting these products make excellent, very tender and tasty muffins-biscuits. Not too rich, but nevertheless hearty, perfect for Breakfast. Great and quick solution, the preparation takes only 15 minutes – so much care such bility in tins for cupcakes.

4. Egg + banana + coconut flour = tropical pancakes

Very pleasant to the taste of the pancakes will be a great solution for Breakfast or an afternoon snack. Speed cooking makes this dish even more attractive, because just three ingredients will allow you sweets to please any guest in the shortest time. Bake these pancakes as normal pancakes, and served with any jam, jam or sour cream.

5. Puff pastry + chocolate + eggs = chocolate croissants

The puff pastry recipes are famous for its simplicity, and this is not exception. Wrapped in puff pastry chocolate chips, brush the top with beaten egg and get a delicious and simple recipe popular all over the world. French croissants have become a real hit among simple and quick desserts.

6. Peanut butter + sugar + egg = peanut cookies

Based on so popular in the U.S. peanut butter, add egg and sugar to taste. Stir bake in the oven for five minutes. Sweet dessert will be enjoyed by everyone not only each child, but many adults.

7. Mint ice cream + whipped cream + cake = cool mint dessert

Mix ice cream and whipped cream in equal proportions, put on a complete basis for the cake and put in the freezer for a couple of hours. Best to use a biscuit base, but if you prefer sand or any other – may use any component of your choice. Instead of mint ice cream you can use any ice cream of your choice!

8. Chocolate chip cookies + cream + sugar = cake

Another great dessert. Whip the cream with a fat content of 35% with sugar, got sweet cream biscuits and lay on each other, promazyvaya layer by layer. To improve the taste, you can add to the dessert some fresh or canned fruit, for example peaches.

9. Chocolate + eggs + butter = chocolate cake

The most complicated of the presented dishes, but only because it is cooked in a water bath. Melt the chocolate and butter and mix with the beaten eggs. After that, pour the resulting liquid into a bowl with high sides and bake in a water bath. By and large, you end up with chocolate scrambled eggs, but so delicious that you’ll love it!

If you have ideas for other dishes the most original and convenient ways or you’re looking for tips on product new culinary delights – we are waiting for you on the League of Cooks!

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