How to prepare and drink green tea.

The chemical composition and the benefits of green tea

The usefulness of green tea are due to the presence in it of almost all groups of vitamins, almost 500 micro and macro and about 450 kinds of organic compounds.

The content of proteins with free amino acids in green tea reaches 25%. Due to the high content of proteins, this plant is not inferior to bean crops

in terms of nutritional value and calorie content.

Not replacing food, green tea at the same time helps the body a long time to endure her lack or absence. That is why he is the main drink for the sailors, hunters, fishermen, geologists and travelers.

Tetany contained in the leaves of green tea, has pronounced antibacterial properties, destroying dysentery Bacillus, putrefactive bacteria, hemolytic yellow Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus.

Green tea is a great absorbent. Binding of toxic and poisonous substances, it cleanses the gastro-intestinal tract, facilitating the process of digestion. So a Cup of this unique drink after the meal, consisting of heavy, meat and fatty foods will be a real salvation for the body.

The caffeine in green tea the bound form and bearing the name theine, invigorates, stimulates physical and chemical processes in the body, increases physical and mental performance, but makes it softer than caffeine in its pure form. It calms the nervous system, not oppressing her and without causing drowsiness.

Green tea strengthens the walls of blood vessels, dilates, preventing spasms, and, thereby, improves circulation, nourishing oxygen to every cell of the body and normalizes blood pressure.

Storage green tea leaves

Green tea leaves have to be separated from strong smelling products: coffee, citrus, garlic, meat, condiments, spices and others. Due to the fact that green tea quickly absorbs all the smells, dishes for its storage should be glass, porcelain or wood with a tight fitting lid.

Don’t like green tea leaves moisture and direct sunlight.

Correct preparation of tea

The teapot is of earthenware, porcelain or glass, but in any case not made of metal or plastic, before laying into him dry leaves of tea to warm up, rinse it several times with hot water.

Pour the tea in the teapot at the rate of 1 teaspoon of leaves per 1 Cup of green tea.

Heated clean and filtered water to 800 C ( this temperature is also called the temperature of the “white key”). As no thermometer to determine the readiness of water for brewing tea? When in the heating process number of small air bubbles rising from the bottom, it will make the water cloudy and will paint it in white, and the water itself active noise, but boiling has not yet begun – this is the status of the “white key”.

Pour water in the teapot in the “white key” and a few seconds later it poured. This procedure is called a flushing tea. Then again pour it into the teapot with hot water and allow the tea to infuse for 2 to 3 minutes.

Pour the tea in cups, and the rest of the brew is poured into another bowl. If tea is not to drain out of the teapot, he will be bitter and not taste very good. Remaining in the pot the leaves can be brewed several times, each time increasing the steeping time of tea for about half a minute.

When green tea can be harmful

It is not recommended to drink green tea for people suffering from nervous exhaustion, irritability and insomnia. You should be careful with green tea those with hypotension, as it lowers the blood pressure. The same applies to diseases and hypertension in the acute form.

In exacerbations of chronic diseases should refrain from consuming this drink. This is especially true of people with gastric ulcer, as green tea greatly increases the acidity of gastric juice.

Never consume green tea on an empty stomach. As has been said, it will cause an increase in the acidity of gastric juice, which will be annoying (well, if you do not corrode) the mucosa of the empty stomach.

Do not drink green tea in the evening, especially before bedtime. Substance theine contained in it may be so cheer the body that will lead him to a state of overstimulation and loss of sleep.

Do not mix green tea with alcohol or with drugs. In the first case, the body receives an excessive load on the kidneys, and in the second green tea will greatly reduce the effectiveness of the medication, simply absorbing them.

In conclusion, the topic another tip: do not buy green tea packaged in tea bags because the green tea leaves crushing oxidized in air and lose most of its beneficial properties. Besides, high quality and fresh tea leaves are almost never used for making crushed and packaged in bags of green tea.

Enjoy your tea and be always healthy!

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