White tea benefits and harms of Tea Though

White tea is not that other, as the young shoots of the tea Bush, on which surface there is a white cloth. This tea has a cooling effect and has the greatest concentration of substances with invigorating properties.

Imperial beverage

It turns out that recently became popular in Europe white

tea is loved even during the reign of the emperors in China. A famous legend says that one of them by chance discovered this divine drink.

One day in his Cup of hot water were a few leaves from a tea Bush and revealed. The result came out delicious and unusual drink that is appreciated by not only the ruler, but all of his subjects. Over time, white tea has become extremely popular not only in China but also outside it.

A variety of grades

In reality, white tea is a very expensive drink. The fact is that for manufacturing the desired buds and tender young leaves of tea bushes that grow in limited numbers exclusively in China, high above sea level in the province of Fujian. By the way, all attempts to cultivate them in a mountainous area, in particular Sri Lanka, failed miserably: the raw material is obtained in the quality, taste and aroma is largely inferior to the original.

Collection white tea is held in the spring (around late March), when the bushes are formed the first young leaves. Interestingly, a month before the collection formed by the kidneys, which are covered with whitish, like feathers, hair, which protects them from the heat of the night.

To collect raw materials for white tea is time-consuming work, because we only need to pick off the top leaves and buds. And early in the morning and only in good weather, only manually, without using any special equipment. In addition, collectors are prohibited to eat spicy food with a strong odor, alcohol and Smoking. Because it is believed that the smell of their breath can damage the delicate scent of fresh leaves and buds of tea bushes.

The most valuable variety is Bai Hao Yin Zhen (white silver needle” — translated from Chinese) that contains only buds from the tea Bush. The second value Bai Mu Dan (white peony), which is composed and buds, and young leaves.

In addition, there is the so-called budget, i.e. less noble varieties (Gong Mei, the Hun Mei), which have a mild flavor and a very pleasant smell. Make these teas from defective raw material (damaged buds and leaves) that remained after sorting product premium.

Many benefits from white tea

It is believed that white tea in quality superior to green. This is because in its manufacture is not performed heat treatment. Therefore, all utility devolved leaves mother nature — amino-, ascorbic and nicotinic acids, caffeine, b vitamins, micro and macro — remain intact.

By the way, no wonder the Chinese called this drink the elixir of immortality. It is proved that it preserves youth and health, gives vitality and strengthens the spirit.

In addition, white tea strengthens the immune system, removes toxins, reduces excess weight, improve the condition of the teeth, heart and complexion.

Another found that varieties of white tea prevents atherosclerosis, and cancer cell growth.

What is most interesting — you can drink for everybody, because not proven, it has contraindications.

How to brew white tea?

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