Surrounded by the cold, and this time most of all we associate with that kind of spice, like cinnamon — it is added to baked goods, teas, coffee, desserts made from apples, and even in cosmetics — creams, lotions and shower gels, having a warming effect. What a useful and possesses magical qualities cinnamon and what we love so much?

What cures cinnamon

Like any other spice, cinnamon has many medicinal properties. You will need to bring in food for all.

. diabetes — cinnamon reduces blood sugar level;

. cardiovascular disease — in combination with honey rids the body of excess cholesterol;

. diseases of the urinary system and the liver — it is a wonderful diuretic and cholagogue;

. the flu and various respiratory ailments — due to antibacterial, antiviral, antipyretic, diaphoretic and expectorant properties;

. fungal diseases — due to antifungal and antimicrobial properties;

…toothache and muscle pain cinnamon has anesthetic properties.

Lose weight with cinnamon

Cinnamon is the best friend of all slimming ladies because it allows you to say goodbye to extra pounds without much effort, but with taste. The fact is that this spice is literally dissolves fat cells: like the fuel that is burning down, gives warmth or energy, cinnamon converts body fat into energy. Therefore, it is recommended to add in diet foods which help you shed excess weight.

Cinnamon is most effectively absorbed by the body and accelerates the metabolism, being added to a drink together with honey — it could be coffee, tea (black and Apple — the combination of the fruit with cinnamon in cooking is considered ideal), nonfat yogurt (you can also add a little ground ginger, red pepper, a slice of lemon or grated on a fine grater Apple), milk and yogurt low calorie.

However, to lose weight, cinnamon is not necessarily the be added to foods. Enough to drip a few drops of essential oil of cinnamon in the aroma lamp or a warm bath, and its pleasant scent will do everything for you.

Money and immortality

Has cinnamon and magical properties. Invaluable service she can provide to those who are unhappy in their financial position. It is believed that cinnamon really love money, so pinch of this spice in your wallet will steadily increase your wealth.

But the ancient Chinese believed that cinnamon emits the fragrance of immortality, breathing people live longer and look younger.

Cinnamon also helps to get rid of self-doubt, self-esteem and to acquire magnetic attraction in the eyes of the opposite sex. If you care about the problems listed above, buy perfume, as components which include the aroma of cinnamon — for example, Serge Lutens Rousse or Amarige Mariage by Givenchy.

A drop of the medicine in the Cup — poison

To cinnamon, as to any other spices, suitable caution: in a drop of the medicine in the Cup of poison. Excessive consumption can lead to liver problems (including hepatitis) and cause headaches, but especially careful it is necessary to be pregnant — cinnamon causes contraction of the uterus, and here it is, as you know, and to miscarriage or premature birth near. Therefore, seasoning dishes with cinnamon, please contact your sense of proportion: it will tell you that the daily allowance of this spice — about half a teaspoon per day.

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