Damage green tea

We have all heard the admonitions about the excellent benefits of green tea. but in fact, tea is not a harmless drink, especially if you eat it daily. About its dangers and doctors say . he banned even some, including Christian religions (“Mormons”) as undesirable for health food product. What’s the deal? Do tea, and especially the seemingly ‘easy’ as green, may be an unwelcome guest in our body? It turns out that fears are not in vain.

What is green tea?

This, of course, leaves from the same tea Bush, which are used to prepare black tea. only the past is much less fermentation than the leaves for black tea. Green tea is a part of traditional Chinese culture, however, the technology of preparation of this medicinal drink there, and the way of cooking, as well as the quality tea raw materials we differ so much that you can seriously say that our tradition of drinking green tea cannot be attributed to the beneficial.

Paragraph 1. Tea leaf – you fresh and clean?

Most of us don’t know how to determine the quality of tea in the package, but what about the contents of the sealed packets, where the tea leaf looks more like dust than parts of the plant, and can not speak. The freshness of the tea and its quality alas, do not say or stuffed date of manufacture, no price – the pricing is more affected by the brand, name. And where the tea is from China, Japan, Ceylon – you can “learn” again, from the beautiful packaging.

Item 2. Correctly cooking.

It’s no secret that when cooking, for example, a therapeutic infusion of any herb, it is necessary to strictly comply with the prescription. For example, do not pour boiling water because you will lose the beneficial properties of plants, most of the tinctures in General should just pour warm filtered boiled water. Infusions don’t need to drink immediately, and let them stand for a few hours. Exactly the same complicated procedure of steeping and tea. Otherwise we will drink if not just gruel, even poison. For example, here are excerpts from the standard procedure of brewing green tea. The water temperature should be no more than 87 °C, the least — 61 °C. Otherwise the tea becomes tasteless and even disgusting. Tea is brewed in a pre-heated vessel. Tell me, is it always and everything you do according to this algorithm? If not, prepare for the fact that your body always gets the harmful substances.

Item 3. What does the research say?

Scientists have proved that green tea is not seen in most effects on the body, which formerly attributed to him. Is it because he prepares us and not the quality of his hopelessly far from ideal? For example, refuted the view that the intake of green tea reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, prevents the formation of dental caries, kidney stones and prevents the formation of malignant tumors. With all the presence in the plant of useful minerals, green tea does not have such a positive impact on the body to consider it therapeutic. Dubious well as its impact on quick weight loss with drinking in large quantities. This tea needs a Supplement of theaflavin. American scientists from the Department for quality control of products and drugs in 2005 stated that according to research, there is no scientific evidence that green tea and its extracts has the ability to reduce the risk of respiratory diseases, stomach and colon, pancreatic diseases and reduce the risk of the formation of cancerous tumors, as previously believed. Moreover, the flavonoids, which “boasts” the tea leaf, the composition and quantity are very different in different varieties of green tea, and content of these flavonoids are much healthier to eat fruit and vegetables .

Item 4. Tea is coffee?

You can treat coffee. but we all know that it is an insidious drink, causing not only pathological addictive, but destructive organism, especially paired with a cigarette. Many varieties of green tea caffeine is present in large enough quantities to absolutely forbid him to use for people suffering from insomnia and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, increased nervous excitability and, of course, pregnant and lactating women.

Item 5. Who is not allowed to drink green tea, even if they are sure that “can” and “need”:

You can also add that there is a lot far more helpful to local herbs that will bring you and the pleasure of taste, and health benefits!

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