How to make 3 simple sorbet recipe

Sorbets appeared much earlier than the classic ice cream. A mixture of snow, honey, fruit puree and wine dabbled even the Roman Emperor Nero. But Alexander the great was very fond of berries, frozen in the snow, which was brought from the mountain tops slaves.

However, the inventors of the first cold dessert are considered Chinese. Ancient cooks mixed the snow with bits of citrus and pomegranate seeds. They were introduced to a new dish of the Persians, and those in turn — the Italians. The Arabs call a treat sherbet (they have the word denotes a thick sweet dish made of fruit, sugar, nuts and chocolate, and diluted with water juices with spices and soft drinks with jam).

In the manufacture of modern sorbets can be used in juices or pureed fruits and berries, alcoholic beverages, etc. not only do They freshen, raise the tone, but also invigorate — indeed, in this light delicacy contains a loading dose of glucose. Perfect fruit for dessert — peaches, apricots, pears, mangoes. When the fruit is quite hard, peeled pieces of fruit need to boil for a few moments in sweet syrup, consisting of two parts sugar and one part water. By the way, to give up sugar when cooking sorbet is not necessary, otherwise the dish may be heterogeneous and less delicate. Berries with small seeds, such as currants, raspberries or cranberries, it is advisable to wipe through a sieve, and the most beautiful can be left for decoration.

If your prescription is there a banana or Apple, make sure that you add during cooking lemon juice, otherwise the dessert may be purchased unappetizing dark shade. However, lemon juice is good in itself: it brings out the flavor of ingredients. And alcohol: two teaspoons of vodka or cognac make the taste more expressive, and wine and fruit liqueurs give extra flavour. To experiment with the composition can as much as you want — agree, fresh fruits and berries spoil difficult.

Sorbet contains no animal or vegetable fat, and therefore calories. Depending on berries and fruits, which made the dish a calorie count can range from 60 to 140 kcal per 100 g of product. There are several ways to prepare the sorbet. The easiest: fruit or berry puree to put in a mold and freeze for about three hours. The dessert was homogeneous, it must be stirred several times during the freezing process.

Stored sorbet in the freezer no more than 10-14 days. To take it better from the freezer 5-10 minutes before serving at the table: a treat will become softer and tastier. According to the rules, sorbet served in a variety of bowls or tall glasses, while supplemented with a variety of toppings: green tea, fruit and caramel sauces, chocolate, nuts, mint.

The melon sorbet

For 12 people: melon — 1 piece (about 8 kg), lemons — 1 piece sugar — 200 g

From a squeeze of lemon juice. Melon cut in half, remove the core. The pulp to peel and cut into arbitrary pieces. In a blender mix papaya pulp with sugar and lemon juice in a homogeneous puree. Transfer to a plastic container or glass form, cover and place in the freezer for 2 hours. Then remove, stir well and put back in for another one hour. Stir again and return to the freezer before serving.

Calories per serving 127 calories

The cooking time from 180 minutes

The level of difficulty on a 10-point scale, 5 points

Tomato sorbet (or ice-cold gazpacho)

For 6 persons: tomato — 4 pieces cucumbers — 1 PC. garlic-2 cloves, red onion — herbs 1 PC. — beam, wine vinegar — 1 tbsp olive oil-3 tbsp salt and ground black pepper

On tomatoes to make cross-shaped cuts down half a minute in boiling water, then rinse with cold water and remove skin. Peel and cut into small dice cucumber, chop the half onion, garlic and herbs. To put it all in a blender, pour the oil and vinegar, lightly season with spices and grind. If necessary, add more salt and pepper. Send in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Then RUB through a sieve, pour into the form and put in the freezer. Get after 2 hours, stir. Again freeze.

The cooking time from 140 minutes

The level of difficulty on a 10-point scale 6 points

Apple sorbet

For 3 persons: apples — 4 EA. lemons — 1 PC. apricot jam — 50 g, sugar — 170 g, brandy — 100 ml

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