Green tea the harm and benefit, contraindications

In the modern world with an abundance of genetically modified foods, nitrate vegetables and fruits problem use is very serious. Green tea is one of the natural products of today.

What is the benefit of green tea? The plant contains almost all the necessary vitamins and minerals:

• groups b, C, PP, potassium, calcium, fluorine, phosphorus, and many others;

• caffeine and its antagonists present in the leaves, have a beneficial effect on the human body;

• rutin strengthens blood vessels, increasing their elasticity, regulates heart and adrenal glands, improves the gallbladder.

The benefits of green tea

Vitamin C and catechin contained in the drink, have antioxidant properties, fighting free radicals, slowing the aging process, boosting the immune system. Consumption of this drink will help to protect the body in the period of exacerbation of respiratory diseases.

Iodine, green tea improves the functioning of the endocrine system. And included in its composition fluoride prevents diseases of the teeth and gums. Dentists recommend not just to drink freshly brewed green tea, but also to rinse the mouth.

Contained caffeine invigorates. Drunk in the morning Cup of tea tones up, improves brain function, saturating it with oxygen. You will notice that the drink relieves headaches, it speaks to his ability to remove the spasm of blood vessels, lowering the pressure due to the antagonists of caffeine. That’s why people with low blood pressure green tea is not recommended.

People who want to lose the unwanted pounds by drinking green tea helps to cope with the problem

It enhances the effect of any diet, as it accelerates the process of metabolism, eliminating toxins from the body. Many women claim that drinking green tea decreased appetite.

Estheticians say about the benefits of the drink for the skin. I’m sure many have noticed that green tea is included in virtually all cosmetics, because the plant extract helps preserve youth, improving the color and condition of the skin, improving skin tone. Traditional healers offer frozen cubes of green tea and RUB your face in the morning. This tonic will be no worse purchase.

Harmful effects of green tea

With all the positive qualities to drink green tea in moderation. Excessive drinking will cause considerable body harm. Green tea should be brewed not too tight, and not to drink more than six cups a day. Otherwise contained caffeine can cause overstimulation of the nervous system, subsequently leading to loss of strength and strong headaches.

If you drink more than three liters of tea, then there may be even so-called “tea drunk”, which is characterized by dizziness and nausea

In this case, help the sweet fruit or a few SIPS of sugared water.

Should not be used at the same time green tea and alcoholic beverages. The ancient Chinese said that this mixture can harm the kidneys, bladder and lungs, in addition, there will be swelling that will get rid of then hard. The fact is that when communicating with the alcohol, green tea begins to form toxins that adversely affects the kidneys.

Not to consume green tea on an empty stomach. Irritation of the gastric mucosa within the beverage substances will lead to gastritis or peptic ulcer disease. Before meals is also better to refrain from tea, as it reduces the absorption of protein, and the resulting dilution of saliva will make the food tasteless.

Tea with expired will cause serious harm to the body. To recognize this is difficult, because the taste and color to vary substantially will not. So buy a drink is necessary only in specialized stores responsible for the quality of the delivered products.

How to brew green tea

The maximum benefit from green tea can only be obtained if properly used, and it can be done, only having made it correctly. Hot, but not boiling water (approximately 80-85 o C) you need to pour the right amount of tea and let it brew for a few minutes. Detailed instructions can be found on the packaging, where there is information about the ratio of tea and water, time of infusion. Drinking tea is best warm: a hot drink will be more irritating the stomach wall, and the cold will not allow you to enjoy the full flavour of.

To drink tea without sugar and milk, you can add a little honey.

Enjoy your tea!

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