Willow herb is a useful plant with miraculous properties

Ivan-tea — time-proven beneficial properties

Amazing plant Ivan tea has many healing properties and is a storehouse of vitamins and various trace elements taken from nature. It is used for the treatment and prevention of various diseases and to raise the immunity. Also a decoction of this herb — beautiful toning and invigorating drink. What is this amazing plant Ivan tea, and how to apply it? To understand this, you need to know what a helpful trace elements enter into its composition.

Habitat and history of the name

Find places where growing fireweed is very easy because it is distributed throughout Russia, grows everywhere in forest clearings and glades, fields and dry peat bogs, along roads and on waste grounds. Fireweed rises to a height of five feet and the first field covers its rapid flowering pink and purple blossoms that lasts almost all summer – from June to August.

What are the useful properties of fireweed should pay special attention

After studying this plant using chemical analyses revealed a huge amount of nutrients necessary for the human body. It contains in its composition: molybdenum and boron, manganese and copper, Nickel and iron, titanium, and lithium, sodium, calcium, potassium and other trace elements. Vitamin set is also striking for its diversity — one of the vitamin C it contains more than in black currant and citrus. It contains almost all vitamins of group B.

It should be noted that in Russia to boost their immunity and strength of the body, the roots of this plant as shredded material is added to the flour from which bread was baked.

What are the medicinal properties has fireweed, in the treatment of what disease it is used.

Sedative effect. Well relieves headaches . is an excellent sedative, helps restore normal sleep, treats anxiety, it even used to treat mental disorders.

Fireweed angustifoliate good help for gastrointestinal illnesses . activates the metabolism, normalizes the microflora of the stomach and intestines. It is used in the treatment of colitis, stomach ulcers, gastritis and other diseases.

The plant is used to combat inflammatory processes in the respiratory system . It is perfectly cures bronchitis, acute respiratory infections, it is used as an adjunct in pneumonia and other more serious diseases. Tends to its exposure to lower a high temperature.

Useful fireweed for men in the treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system . For example, it is often used for healing BPH and prostatitis, as well as removing the pain and inflammation.

Thanks to all components of this tea, it perfectly enhances the immune system . increases resistance to infections.

Decoction — a great antioxidant. It cleans the body from harmful substances . toxins and waste products, and even heavy metals and radionuclides. An excellent help in cleansing the body from alcohol intoxication.

Very useful fireweed in pregnancy and during breastfeeding because of the large amount of vitamins and ability to increase lactation .

Disease and damage to the skin treated with lotions from broth Ivan-tea. Due to its properties, it cleanses and tightens the festering wounds and helps in the treatment of eczema, various skin eruptions, blackheads and pimples.

Along with medication, a tumor recommended to take a decoction of this wonderful plant. As mentioned above, he has the ability to display various undesirable for the body elements. It perfectly enhances the immune system, which is essential for the body to fight cancer cells .

To this day preserved the recipes of preparation and consumption of decoctions of this plant. To know how to use it, you must study them attentively, and most importantly — you need to know how to brew Ivan-tea is that it retains all its beneficial properties.

Seemingly simple folk remedy — milk with honey, what could be easier? It turns out there are many nuances, read more on this page .

The collection and proper harvesting

To this plant have been shown in full force, you need to brew it properly, and in this process there are subtleties that must be considered, starting from collection of raw plants.

For the manufacture of drugs from this plant are harvested leaves, stems, color and its roots.

Flowers fireweed can be collected from June to August — then they are dried in a cool ventilated areas.

The roots dig at the end of flowering, in autumn. They are then washed and dried in the oven or the oven at a low temperature, which should not rise above 60 degrees.

The dried roots are well stored without losing its beneficial properties during the year.

But the leaves are best used during the beginning of flowering until the flowers have not yet opened, but are in Bud.

The leaves are disrupted, washed from the dust and lay on the floor, on paper, a layer of about 5-6 inches. They should definitely “Padalitsa” them for this layer should be regularly stirred.

After one day, the leaves are rolled between the palms into a kind of “sausage”, so that they gave the juice.

The resulting twists leave for fermentation for the required period.

If the objective is to obtain a “green tea” — this process can take 6 – 8 hours. For a deeper process of this period is stretched on one or even two days — then the leaves will acquire a characteristic dark tea color. However, it should be remembered that significant overexposure can affect the taste qualities of a future drink.

At the end of the”sausages” finely chop, pour out on a baking sheet, covered with parchment, and dry until ready in the oven. Periodically it is necessary to check the readiness – “tea leaves” have to break in your hands, but in any case not to crumble into dust.

Thus, it is made of fermented fireweed.

If dried raw materials stored in a closed container, e.g. a glass jar, it will be suitable for use and will not lose its medicinal properties for two years.

It is possible to enhance flavor in a jar to throw a pinch of herbs lungwort.

Brewing tea

Need to know what willow herb is used very sparingly, so a couple small spoons will be sufficient to brew dozens of cups of medicinal tea.

Due to the fact that in the plant a large number of essential oils after cooking fireweed can be stored for five to seven days . But using for medicinal purposes, it is better every time to brew a fresh batch. Connoisseurs of tea ceremonies – the Chinese claim that the plant has its force only a few minutes after it is brewed and, of course, this property should be used.

How to brew fireweed, two primary ways:

Two teaspoon of tea you need to pour 0.5 liter of boiling water, and let stand 7-10 minutes. Tea is better to drink plain, but you can spice it up with a half spoon of honey.

Also two spoons of tea, but poured a little cold water so that it covers the leaves, and simmered brought to the boiling point. Next, remove from heat and let stand 7-10 minutes, but no more.

Medical recipes and their application

Knowledge of several therapeutic recipes from fireweed, never hurts.

In inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system.

From the leaves

To restore normal sleep

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