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How to make hot chocolate
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Homemade Baileys

Many love fragrant and delicious liqueurs. Today we will talk about how to make homemade Baileys .

You will need:

is vodka 0.5 l

– condensed milk, 1 jar

– egg yolks, 4pcs

– instant coffee, 1st.l.

– vanilla sugar, 2st.l.

– cream, 0.4 l (preferably not much fat).

Now proceed to the preparation:

mix vanilla sugar, yolks and condensed milk. Better to do it with a mixer, then you will get good homogeneous mass.

– pour in a lot of coffee and again start mixing. Choose a quality coffee, aromatic, preferably in small granular or powder. If the mixing process you will see that some of the granules are completely dissolved, do not panic and do not scoff at the mixer when you add the vodka, coffee quickly dissolved.

– a thin stream pour in the cream and continue mixing process.

– and the last step how to make Baileys is add vodka. Pour vodka in a coffee – cream mixture and whisk.

Liquor leave in the fridge for a few hours so that all the components mix well and steep liquor.

The Baileys liqueur at home get the closest to the original, if instead of vodka, you use whiskey.

Homemade Baileys. The second recipe

You will need:

– dark chocolate, 1 tile

– cream, 300ml

– vanilla sugar, 3CT.l.

– condensed milk, 1 jar

– vodka or whiskey (you can take 250g of alcohol and whiskey), 0.5 L.

First, melt in a water bath for a bar of chocolate and leave to slightly cool. At this time, whisk the cream with vanilla sugar, pour it in the mass of condensed milk and cooled chocolate. Finally add the vodka and carefully mix everything.

Pour the liqueur into a bottle and leave in the fridge for a day.

Express recipe liquor

This is a recipe you can use in case if you are already on the threshold of the guests and you just don’t have time to run to the store and buy Baileys.

You will need:

– eggs, 2pcs

– instant coffee, 2st.l.

– vodka. Here is the homemade Baileys may undergo various changes associated with its fortress: add as much vodka as you want, from 250 to 500ml.

Whisk the eggs, pour in the condensed milk and add the coffee and continue to mix. A thin stream pour in the vodka and stir for another five minutes.

If you have no time to cool the liquor, during the mixing of all components, add a few ice cubes.

How to make Baileys at home. The fourth recipe