Kalmyk tea, recipe, benefits and harms

The average person usually drinks in daily life are just a few fairly standard drinks. So from teas are very popular with only black but green, however, the range of such a drink is much broader. After all, many healthy and tasty drinks that were consumed by our ancestors, are now undeservedly forgotten. One of them is Kalmyk tea, he came to us from Asian nomadic peoples. This drink has many useful qualities that have been confirmed in many studies.

We will give Kalmyk tea? Benefits for the human body

All the useful qualities of Kalmyk tea are due to its unique chemical composition. Essentially, this drink is a green tea, so it contains elements such as stimulating and invigorating caffeine, as well as many healing tannins, and catechins that keep our youth.

Kalmyk tea is made quite difficult, this process uses mild natural oil, salt and fresh milk. Accordingly, the ready to drink is a good source of potassium and iodine, it has a significant amount of fluoride and manganese, and sodium. In addition to minerals, this drink nourishes our body and vitamins – ascorbic acid, vitamin K, nicotinic acid and many b vitamins

The researchers concluded that milk and tea is simply created one for the other, respectively, the popularity of Kalmyk tea for many centuries remained at a high level. Scientific studies have confirmed that adult body with the work processes and assimilates whole milk, and green tea can improve the processes of its processing by the digestive system. Therefore, Kalmyk tea can benefit people of all ages. In addition the milk on the order reduces the harm of such components of green tea, caffeine and other alkaloids.

This property of the tea plays a particularly important role, as classic Kalmyk tea is prepared on the basis of old tea leaves, which are not subject to fermentation, making ready to drink is quite strong.

Once the milk and tea react, they form a unique nutrient complex consisting of fats, amino acids, minerals and vitamins. In addition to them is added, and natural cholesterol, which nourishes the brain. It is present in the composition of soft butter.

These components Kalmyk tea effectively stimulates metabolic processes in the body, eliminating excess weight. Accordingly, you can drink it without fear, even if you carefully watch their figure. Drink this nutritious drink in the morning, and you will long forget about the hunger.

The Kalmyk tea consumption helps to increase lactation in the implementation of breastfeeding. He has a wonderful tonic effect, stimulates mental activity, and eliminates fatigue. Also, this unique drink well regulates the level of sugar in the body, so it will benefit those who suffer from diabetes drink. The systematic consumption of this drink will help to prevent and cure a variety of cardiovascular ailments.

In addition, Kalmyk tea positively affects the activity of the digestive system, it does the poisoning and disorders of the stomach, and also slightly reduces the gas formation processes. Many experts suggest that you take this drink to enhance the properties of the immune system to prevent colds and viral infections.

Those spices that you add when cooking Kalmyk tea, will only reinforce his positive qualities. So if you use clove drink cold and flu will find surprising properties, it can cope with bacteria, sore throat and eliminate the heat. Black pepper is beneficial to the performance of the intestines, cleanses the blood vessels and stimulates sputum production.

How to brew Kalmyk tea? The recipe and method of preparation

Typically, for the manufacture of Kalmyk tea use tiled green tea, but you can use ordinary welding. You can I brewed beverage directly into the Cup of tea. Add the tea leaves, about two times more than usual. Fill it two-thirds with boiling water and leave to infuse for three to four minutes. Then top up with hot milk, add a little butter, a couple of peas of black pepper, and salt. There are options of preparation Kalmyk tea that require brewing tea only boiling milk, without the use of water.

In addition to the drink you can add other seasonings, depending on your taste preferences. Excellent option is nutmeg, clove buds or Bay leaf.

After adding milk to tea can be left for another quarter of an hour for a more thorough infusion.

Who dangerous Kalmyk tea? The dangers of drink for the human body

Experts say that Kalmyk tea has almost no contraindications. It should not be consumed in the presence of hypersensitive to any of its components. It is worth considering that this drink should not be taken with lactose intolerance.

Kalmyk tea also can hurt in the late stages of gallstone disease, as strong drink could trigger the movement of the stones.

Try Kalmyk tea with different herbs, and you will surely love this amazing beverage.

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