Damage green tea

Have you ever thought about what the product has always been beneficial and safe, can be harmful to health . There is a sense to look into this product as green tea. It’s no

secret that he has gained incredible popularity in the post-Soviet space relatively recently. He is credited with many of the properties are able to improve human and about its possible harm are hard to find. But each of us understands that the coin has two sides. The purpose of this article to determine whether there is harm to the green tea or is it a completely safe product. First we need to decide what are the distinguishing features of green tea and black.

Differences of green tea and black

Green and black tea, originally produced from a single plant of the theaceae family. They only differ in the technological process of processing of the leaves. The difference in the method of fermentation, which green tea is not. It is the fermentation betrays this drink rich color and taste, but also allows you to classify in: black, green, yellow and other types of tea. Due to the absence of fermentation, green tea when brewed has a paler colour and less intense taste. However it gives the drink a more useful properties. The more fermented, and black tea, it reaches 80%, the greater the loss of nutrients. Now it becomes clear, what possible harm can you explain what the benefit is.

The composition of green tea

Green tea contains various macro and micronutrients, and is also rich in a large number of flavonoids, which have beneficial effects on human health. Significant content in the beverage tannins, Tonino, cotechino, which are excellent antioxidants. There is a significant amount of various vitamins, pigments, essential oils, protein substances. Along with the above, green tea also contains alkaloids which include caffeine (theine).

Risks of drinking green tea

Harm green tea is possible. This is mainly due to the presence in its composition caffeine. This product should be used with caution to take people with increased nervous excitability, as it still stronger can stimulate the nervous system. On this basis, it is necessary to limit the consumption of the drink to women who are expecting a baby and nursing mothers, and people with insomnia.

Another negative consequence of drinking green tea is its ability to lower the pressure. Consequently, it is contraindicated in hypotension. You must also know that it increases the acidity of the stomach. Not worth it to eat after alcohol – it can affect the kidneys.

Thus, if you have doubts that you can consume this drink, consult your doctor. But remember that for a healthy person harm green tea will never exceed the enormous benefits, if you comply with the measure (no more than 4 cups a day).

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