Cocoa – healthy food

&nbsp Cocoa – forgotten but very useful!

Today we cannot imagine life without chocolate taste and aroma. But once the cocoa beans were in short supply and was worth its weight in gold, they fought, they were paid, like modern money for vital subjects, for example, slaves…

Waiter, can fry these quail?

– Unless they are poorly done?

– I don’t know, but they already drank all my cocoa!

From fiction to history

Once upon a time in Mexico, the Aztec moon God Quetzalcoatl stole the seeds of the cacao tree in the country of the children of the Sun and gave them to the people. But initially choose the Aztecs lived in areas with dry climate, where cocoa can not grow. Therefore, for the divine drink had to conquer neighboring territory, where grew the whole plantation of cocoa beans. From the conquered territories was levied tribute, lion’s share this tribute and were chocolate beans. They were kept together with gold in the Royal granaries and were used as money, for example, for 10 beans could buy a rabbit, and 100 – beautiful slave.

In Europe cocoa first visited by Christopher Columbus in 1498, who brought it from Maya and was called “kakawate”, but nobody paid attention to the nondescript beans, which went against the rest of the treasure. In the XVI century by the Spanish conquistadors conquered Mexico, and the chocolate drink was presented to his king. The first box of chocolates in France appeared thanks to the wedding, it was a gift to Louis XIII and Anne of Austria. Since France began courtier chocolate boom: there ’chocolatety” and “chocolately”, chocolate is considered to be aphrodisiacs and watered them lovers and mistresses. Later there is a new court position “chocolate”, this person prepares the drink exclusively for the Royal family.

The first chocolate bar was made in England in 1820, it consisted of liquor, sugar, oil, grated cacao beans. In 1828, Dutchman Caspar van Houten learned to distinguish butter from cocoa beans. The remaining cake went into the production of chocolate powder. In 1875 in the Swiss invented milk chocolate, and the state gets the glory “chocolate country”. Since then, the chocolate factory were opened in different parts of the world.

Very nutritious drink

In cocoa contains 380 Calories per 100 grams. However, we should not exclude this wonderful product from their diet because of its high calorie content. From cocoa’s hard to get fat, because it quickly causes a feeling of fullness that can last up to 2-3 hours. Therefore, overeating, drinking cocoa, difficult.

Contained in cocoa beans, natural antidepressants help lift your mood – it’s a known fact. But the fact that chocolate and cocoa are very rich in antioxidants, few know. Antioxidants – guards of our body, slowing down the oxidation process and thus prevent the development of tumors. They also slow the aging process, so that will prolong your youth with delicious cocoa!

Despite the caffeine beans, this product has a more gentle effect on the body than coffee. After all, caffeine in cocoa is very small, and its stimulating properties cocoa beans, rather, are obligated to another substance – the theobromine, which acts on the heart and brain more gently.

According to the European society of cardiology contained in the cocoa bean polyphenols have beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. Cocoa reduces the production of cholesterol.

Since ancient times, hot chocolate elixir called love, for example, the great Aztec leader Montezuma before visiting the harem drank at least 5 cups of cocoa. Modern studies have confirmed the fact that the chocolate and cocoa amplify sexual attraction in adults.

Children, turn away their faces from prepared with love by the mother’s porridge, is unlikely to refuse a mug of cocoa. And well-fed, and happy. Only here should not exceed the norm of the child’s body: two glasses a day.

Cook properly

In recent years, this drink is undeservedly forgotten. His place persistently substitute instant chocolate drinks containing large amounts of sugar and other fillers. But, nevertheless, cook a delicious chocolate drink made from real cocoa powder is very simple: 2 teaspoons of powder mix with the same amount of sugar, add a little hot milk or water, mix well to avoid lumps, pour a thin stream of glass of milk and bring to a boil. You can pour the cocoa with cold milk, warm or hot – as you prefer. In ready to drink you can add whipped cream, ice cream, vanilla, cinnamon… And let the whole world wait!

Ah, no wonder chocolate is included in the diet of astronauts in space, they are definitely not a bad offer. Let us follow their example! Partake of cocoa or chocolate!

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