Willow herb is a useful plant with miraculous properties
Ivan-tea — time-proven beneficial properties Amazing plant Ivan tea has many healing properties and is a storehouse of vitamins and various trace elements taken from nature. It is used for…

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How to drink hot chocolate
Three hundred years ago the idea that the chocolate you can eat, not to drink, would have seemed to the tribes of Central America is very strange. For the first…

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Green tea harm or benefit
The birthplace of green tea, according to many researchers, is China. In culture it was introduced in II-III centuries A. D. In Russia green tea appeared in 1638 to Four…

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Coffee Tea Cocoa

Coffee Tea Cocoa

The richness of taste real English tea Clipper truly deserves Your attention. Its diversity will satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs. Green tea Clipper with mint, Aloe Vera, ginseng, Echinacea and Jasmine, as well as decaffeinating and white tea will give You unforgettable moments of pleasure and will be an indispensable source of health for You and Your family.

Tea Clipper was established in 1984 Mike and Lorraine Brehm (Mike and

Lorraine Brehme). Tea of this quality was not widely circulated at the time, and had great success.

The company took a big step forward when she became a member of the Association of fair trade (Fair-trade Foundation). Clipper were the first to create a tea under the sign of Fair-trade in 1994, but initially their business was honest and ethical.

Clipper has always been and remains an innovative company. Over the years we have introduced organic tea, coffee, white tea, Rooibos, and Japanese Sencha. But everything we do must comply with corporate guidelines established by the founders: “Always a pure, natural product — no artificial ingredients in any products.”

Tea Sonnentor


Sonnentor – environmentally friendly products with the logo of a smiling sun. The company Sonnentor was founded in 1988, 23-year-old budding entrepreneur Johaneson by Gutman. The young entrepreneur had an unusual business idea: he wanted to promote bio-products produced in his home region under the logo of a smiling sun (an ancient symbol of life and light with 24 rays) in the interregional and international scale.

Thus, he wanted to offer natural and high quality product and to support farming in the region.

Today the company employs more than 120 employees. About 150 farmers supply the company’s products are organic quality. SONNENTOR Krauterhandels GmbH is active in Germany, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

Bioproducts company is represented in 40 countries, the export part is approx. 75% of production. Natural Sonnentor tea has a subtle taste and aroma. The variety allows you to choose the right for You tea and make a gift to relatives and friends.


YOGI TEA – TEA AYURVEDA YOGA IN 1969 yogi Bhajan first opened to the West of the Sikh religion, when establishing his practice at this time in America Kundalini Yoga. After each session, he gave his students an unusual yogi tea with spices, which the students are given the worldwide famous name is Yogi Tea. Today, the brand Yogi Tea produce a wide range of Ayurvedic tea songs premium green, black, red and herbal teas.

Today, the brand Yogi Tea produce a wide range of Ayurvedic tea songs premium green, black, red and herbal teas.