How to drink hot chocolate

Three hundred years ago the idea that the chocolate you can eat, not to drink, would have seemed to the tribes of Central America is very strange. For the first time the chocolate was known primarily as a drink.

With the advent in the early nineteenth century of the chocolate bar is super popular delicacy can be found and to try wherever you wish. But all the same a Cup of hot chocolate every one of us is the warm feeling that comes from childhood.

The content

A bit of history

The Mayan civilization is the first recipe of chocolate. However, a sweet tooth he hardly fell would taste. Roasted cocoa beans were meshed, and then they were mixed with cold water with the addition of pungent chili peppers. Drink this explosive chocolate milk shake could have only chosen one.

After Maya relay for the development of the cocoa industry took the Aztecs. The Emperor Montezuma with great respect for the beverage made from cocoa beans. During his reign hot chocolate (which is basically remain the same, but added additional ingredients — honey, vanilla and sweet agave juice) closer to familiar to today’s taste. «Hot» it could be called conditionally — only due to the presence of hot spices in the composition.

Familiar taste of chocolate drink got with the arrival in Europe, whose inhabitants «slightly» edited composition. The chili was replaced by sugar, and the water began to warm up, ensuring the homogeneity of the chocolate composition. At the turn of XVII-XVIII centuries recipe chocolate drink again undergoing change — began to prepare his milk or cream — this idea came to mind the British.

Soon (by the early nineteenth century) hot chocolate won the hearts of his numerous fans and has become an integral part of everyday life.

The subtleties and nuances of chocolate

What is hot chocolate today? In fact, any drink, containing organic ground cocoa beans, can be called hot chocolate. The higher the percentage of cocoa content in the chocolate drink, the more value in it, despite its bitter taste. Preparation of chocolate in its present form it can assume and different consistency. French chocolate, for example, liquid, such as coffee. But the chocolate in the Italian performance ropy like sour cream.

Often for a drink of chocolate give out the bags with the finished mixes to which you just add water. But the real hot chocolate is made from special solid tablets chocolate confectionery, which — it grated cocoa beans plus cocoa butter, in a proportion of 55-75 percent. When cooking saturation cocoa can be adjusted by diluting with water, milk or cream.

To heighten the flavor in the chocolate add rum or brandy), as well as cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, vanilla, peanuts or almonds. Real chocolate is very capricious in its cooking — it begins to melt already at 30 degrees and 60 — began to burn.

Hot chocolate — preparation (national recipes)

During the rapid conquest of the hot chocolate world, its recipe has been transformed, acquiring each country has its own special national features. Among the great variety of hot chocolate recipes come across as very simple, so very tricky.

Mexican hot chocolate

In cream, diluted with water, add cocoa. Cook, stirring with a stick of cinnamon. All genius — just. The proportions of the ingredients — at your discretion.

French hot chocolate

A glass of milk.

50 g of the chocolate bar.

The egg yolk.

The milk to warm up. In the quarter of the warm milk slowly melt the chocolate (stirring continuously). Add remaining milk and mix until a homogeneous state. Yolk to combine with a few tablespoons of hot chocolate. Add to the pot and to achieve the appearance of foam, hard whipping. Product your delight is ready.

Italian hot chocolate

Gold tiles of dark chocolate.

Half a glass of milk.

Sugar — 2 tbsp

Corn starch — 2 tbsp

Melt the chocolate with a drop of milk, gradually combine with the remaining milk, add sugar and enter the cornstarch. Cook over low heat until creamy, viscous state.

Of course, the French, Italians and Mexicans is not the only possible recipes of hot chocolate. Each nation has their own ideas about this drink. Cover all possible options and methods of cooking, drink of the gods just physically impossible.

How to drink hot chocolate — are there any rules?

The strict canons about how to drink hot chocolate, does not exist. But some of the subtleties of its use.

Chocolate with a high cocoa percentage — very thick — served in small cups (the same size as an espresso or cappuccino). To such a beverage, usually served a glass of cold water to be consumed.

For more liquid varieties of hot chocolate perfect Irish glasses.

But nothing catastrophic will happen if you poured chocolate drink in a regular Cup or even in a soup plate, as do the French. They don’t slurp with a spoon, like soup, but to dip croissants or toast in the chocolate so much easier.

As if you didn’t prepare hot chocolate from any of his tanks did not drink — wonderful drink only charge you with positive, life energy and good mood.

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