The beneficial properties of cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is a truly unique product whose properties allow to use it in cooking, perfumery, cosmetics and even in the fight against various diseases. Information about what is useful cocoa butter, will help you effectively use it for the benefit of health.

The first beneficial effects of cocoa are appreciated by the Indians, who not only ate processed fruits in your meals, but used cocoa butter as a medicine, putting on wounds and cuts. The same Indians used a mixture on the basis of cacao beans as a tonic. Once in the 16th century in Europe, cocoa has cemented its reputation as a medicinal product. It was prescribed for colds, weakness and nervous disorders.

Centuries later, scientists were able to explain what are the healing properties of cocoa, expanding its scope. Today cocoa butter is considered an ally in the fight against diseases of the cardiovascular system, metabolic disorders and even cancer. Campari medical candles. Product use is beyond doubt.

The composition of cocoa butter explains its effect on the body. Most active ingredients are tannins. These compounds are known to effective in poisoning (including lead), and the ability to stop the bleeding. And tannins have anti-inflammatory properties, which enables them to be successfully applied to various skin diseases and burns.

Another substance contained in cocoa butter — a well-known caffeine. His presence explains why the use of the product helps to cope with fatigue and gives strength.

But it’s not all that useful cocoa butter. Methylxanthines in its composition not only stimulate the nervous system, but also have a proven ability to improve circulation, including the brain. A high content of stearic and oleic acids helps to stabilize and even reduce cholesterol. It is not surprising that physicians often praised the beneficial properties of cocoa and even call it the product of choice for prevention of strokes. Not to mention the content of vitamins C, E and A.

Natural cocoa butter is widely used in cooking, primarily as the basis for the production of chocolate. At home it is successfully used for making chocolates, pastries and cakes. And natural cocoa butter is used to produce homemade chocolate, which unlike purchase guaranteed no harmful synthetic additives. In cooking often use cocoa butter refined.

Cosmetologists also have good knowledge of the properties of cocoa butter and apply it to moisturize the skin, eliminating signs of inflammation and boils, and also to reduce the tendency to the formation of wrinkles. In addition it is used in the nutrient masks for hair and as a massage oil. For these purposes typically use the unrefined cocoa butter because it has a higher nutrient content.

The use of cocoa butter in the mixture with warm milk is a time – tested remedy for sore throat. It will reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation on the area, contributing to the improvement of metabolism and speedy delivery with blood flow necessary for the recovery of substances.

But we must not forget that most products that contain cocoa butter, contain a lot of sugar. And if you lean on chocolates for the prevention of heart diseases, the effect is reversed: there will be extra weight, and then the cardiovascular system will have additional load. Besides the chocolate part provoke allergies. So this product should be consumed in moderation, remembering about potential harm.

It is also important to know how to store cocoa butter. It is afraid of direct sunlight and sudden temperature differences. It is best to keep it in a container with a tight fitting lid on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Oil retains its properties up to five years.

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