How to make chocolate icing for cake, cupcake.

Any home baking has become much more beautiful and appetizing, if you arrange. Imagine how chic would look like biscuits, cake or a cake in particular if they pour chocolate glaze! And biscuits mushrooms? And custard? A Golden Field? In these recipes without the glaze can not do!

If You need a recipe for homemade chocolate icing – I can offer for two! Even three, you can still make a glaze of chocolate milk. But now I will tell you about two glaze recipes from cocoa. The first is our home, which

I’ve learned from my mom, and I remember the cakes with this frosting since childhood, and the second I brought this summer from Koktebel!

Recipes same set of ingredients, but different in cooking technology. And the result is accordingly different.

The composition of the chocolate glaze:

— cocoa powder;

— sugar;

— milk;

— butter.

Cooking chocolate glaze:

Mix in a bowl half a Cup of sugar and 1 tablespoon cocoa.

Add 3 tablespoons of milk or water, mix thoroughly and put on a small light.

Cook, stirring, until then, until the sugar melts and the glaze will begin to foam. Remove from heat, let cool.

On cooling, the glaze thickens – and here we must not miss the moment – to dip into her biscuits or pour over the cake while it is not too runny but not too thick. In the first case, the glaze will simply drain with baking, and the second will Sacharissa, and have to reheat.

Freezing on the product, the glaze forms a crisp matte chocolate crust.

Before icing can be put into warm frosting a piece of oil – 30-50 grams – and beat with a mixer. Then the frosting will be soft and light, the color of milk chocolate.

Chocolate frosting on the first recipe is suitable for finishing cookies Mushrooms, for kashtanchikov and dipping the Gold fields before you roll them in the grated waffles; it can be poured chocolate cupcakes and muffins, dipped profiteroles. The recipe is good because the frosting is quite thick and well kept on the surface. The photos for this recipe You can see here.

Here, to the contrary begins with oil! This recipe shared with me on the promenade of the village where you can buy gorgeous cakes with a shiny, well just like factory glaze. My recipe was very surprised – it turns out that it is necessary to do so:

50 g of butter to melt in the ladle.

Add 4 tablespoons of milk and 4 tablespoons sugar.

Stir, cook on small flame until the sugar dissolves.

And then add 2 teaspoons of cocoa.

How — thought I — after all, cocoa powder, take the lumps? And decided to sift it through a strainer. Did it!

Chocolate glaze in Crimea is more liquid, it is not as frozen as the first option – even cooled down, it remains flowing. So it’s great to drizzle cakes – it turns out gorgeous. Thanks to a brilliant, beautiful chocolate cakes look like brand!

So take a suitable recipe for the choice of home and treat delicious, beautiful cakes!

If You are going to do a real cake, You may need a prescription cream? I have them too!

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