Buy cocoa can not only powder

Unlike cocoa powder and cocoa butter, cacao beans contain the most valuable thing you can get from chocolate. Since this is not yet processed fruits, it is possible to buy cocoa can be stored together with vitamins. Only then you can dispose of all the useful minerals of chocolate nuts.

Cocoa beans: how it all begins?

In the so-called “chocolate belt” countries that produce major amounts of cocoa beans) grow trees of the genus Theobroma – cocoa trees. Several months in the care of these trees they ripen elongated

fruits, like lemons. The fruit of the cacao tree is very large – one of them can weigh from 300 grams to one kilogram.

When the fruit open, inside you can see the pulp that surrounds the most valuable – cocoa beans. About 50 cocoa beans is one fruit, about as much is spent on one or two tiles of the finished chocolate.

Next, removed the seeds (cocoa beans) should be subjected to fermentation and drying process. Wooden boxes and banana tree leaves – bed for cocoa beans for the next few weeks. Due to such processing of fresh beans to lose the primary bitterness and reveal excellent flavor.

After drying, the cocoa beans are sorted, are checked, Packed and are delivered to customers.

Buy cocoa beans in Moscow

Given the simplicity of obtaining Russian country cocoa beans to get a quality product is much more complicated than it seems. Why? Ordinary industrial cocoa beans, which are usually not very expensive, are sold by many stores as raw cocoa beans of high quality that are valued much more. Where to buy cocoa beans . not once in the trap of deception and not allowing dishonest entrepreneurs to cash in on the desire to use high-quality chocolate products?

Cocoa beans can be bought in Moscow it is best to store the “Raw lunch”. This service offers the best cocoa beans that will satisfy all requests, usually made by raw foodists. You will get the most important thing – a product for health.

How to cook raw cacao beans.

Before preparing cocoa beans for eating, you need to save them from possible harmful substances (such can get into the nuts during drying and transportation). You need to soak the beans in warm water for an hour and a half, once replacing the water. During this time the nuts will give the water to the body, and have a more pleasant taste.

Clean cocoa beans from thin skins – during the stay in the water, it will soften and remove it will not be difficult.

Now you can try nuts just.

By experiencing the natural taste of the cocoa beans, you can start cooking sweets. If there is no time for the manufacture of confectionery, you simply dip the peeled cocoa beans in honey – so eat chocolate nuts loved by many.

To cook other desserts, permalite cocoa beans in a coffee grinder. Now you can use them as the basis for desserts, as a filling of finished products.

Cocoa beans to buy – the best option is to eat right, indulging in chocolate. Clean the body sweet!

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