Grandma’s cough medicine oil, milk and honey

Butter, milk and honey: an effective grandma’s cough medicine

The cough is usually observed in almost all colds. But the main reason is usually cold. There are various ways of dealing with a cough, but even our grandmothers knew that the best honey in this case nothing.

In this article I want to tell you about my grandmother’s well known remedy for cough: oil, milk and honey. Each ingredient is useful in its own way. Let’s take a closer look at the component properties of this recipe.

The beneficial properties of the ingredients

Milk has a calming effect, it can reduce irritation of the throat. And it

will slow down the inflammatory process, which is very important. But oil has antiviral, expectorant and antibacterial properties that allows its use as a prophylactic and therapeutic product.

And, of course, honey has many medicinal properties. It relieves cough and especially night cough in children. And United together (honey with butter and milk) they will give a great effect and your cold will pass quickly.

Grandma’s cough medicine butter milk and honey

Recipe: Take the right ingredients. 1 tbsp of honey, 0.5 tbsp of butter and one Cup of milk. The milk should be slightly warm, but it was not hot. And especially don’t boil it, otherwise it can lose its useful properties.

And hot milk can burn and so a sore throat, but warm milk is well absorbed by the oral cavity. Thus it will speed up your recovery. Moved all of our ingredients into a bowl (or Cup, whatever you like) and thoroughly stir.

Application: Here and got a good and natural remedy for cough. Drink it in slowly 1 Cup 3-4 times a day . preferably after meals. To take it a magical cure for sore throat you can until until all the symptoms disappear.

Some advise in this medicine even add a pinch of baking soda. But I want to note that soda is a laxative. So, half a Cup of milk you need to take a third of a tsp. of baking soda. And the rest do the same as in the previous recipe.

Remedy for sore throat: honey, milk and cocoa butter.

In this remedy for cough is almost identical with the previous ingredients, but instead of the usual oil is taken cocoa butter . It is very effective at elevated temperatures. And if you have a strong and dry cough. These symptoms often arise from the complication of a cold.

To do this medicine according to the prescription above. Oil — cocoa well lubricates the walls of the throat and relieves wheezing and burning.

And besides, this is natural remedy for cough is mild antipyretic effect. After you’ve ingested it should be good to bundle up with a blanket. And, of course, sleep and regain your strength. To make this tool as grandma’s cough medicine with butter, milk and honey.

Cough medicine: milk, honey and brandy

Another useful remedy for cough is a combination of milk, honey and cognac. Because in medicine there is an alcohol, it cannot be given to children . But for adults, this combination of healing foods helps keep warm in the cold, warms the throat and even inflammation of the oral cavity.

And, of course, no need to go too far with alcohol. To 1 Cup of milk will be sufficient for only 1 tsp. of brandy. To take medicine just as the first.

Classic eggnog: milk, honey and egg

Now I want to share with you a classic recipe ” eggnog or milk+honey+egg. Probably most of us in childhood gave this tasty medicine. It fits a sweet tooth who don’t suffer allergies to foods such as egg yolk and milk. And even the good doctor Aibolit talked about the fact that the best medicine for sore throat .

Preparation: to prepare this interesting tool take 2 egg yolks and stir them until white with one tablespoon of sugar. In this mixture, add a Cup of warm milk, honey, and put up the beaten egg whites. Some experimenting with the lemon for orange juice and add them (2 tablespoons juice). But it is even useful for colds.

To the children liked the taste of this cough medicine I suggest you add one teaspoon cocoa powder. And, of course, adults can afford to combine this medicine with previous and already cooked cocktail add 1 tsp of strong alcoholic beverage. And with these recipes your treatment will not only be effective and useful, but also tasty.

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