What are the benefits and harms of tea Puer

About the medicinal properties of PU-erh tea go real legends. This drink has long been used as a universal means of treatment and prevention. PU-erh is not accidentally called the tea of youth, slimness and beauty. Its beneficial properties are very difficult to overestimate.

One of the main advantages of PU-erh tea is that it is an effective tool to combat obesity. Special agent Tanith, which is part of the drink, activates the metabolism and reduces the absorption of nutrients. In tea also contains pectin, which breaks down fats and normalizes the level of glucose

in the body.

Puer has a positive effect on the cardiovascular and digestive system. It reduces the level of sugar in the blood, neutralizes cholesterol and improves metabolism. Tea helps as in dysentery, and in rare chair. In China it is used in diseases of the heart, gallbladder, and – for the treatment and prevention of diabetes.

Puer tea helps flush toxins from the body. It cleanses the liver, helps with various poisoning, gastritis and other digestive problems. In China even believe that this tea can neutralize the poison.

Puer – excellent aroniadou tool. Due to its ability to normalize the heat balance of the body, this tea is often consumed as a soft drink. It is also used as a means of helping to overcome the “hangover” syndrome. The Chinese claim that this tea clears the mind, making the mind more clear and sharp.

Only the relative lack Puer – its ability to raise blood pressure. Therefore, people suffering from hypertension, pregnant women and children under three years is better to abandon the use of this beverage.

Today, PU-erh can be bought in almost any tea shop. However, while choosing, you should take special attention. Puer can not be completely black. The color of the young tea should be green, and aged – reddish. Only by finding this Puer can be completely confident in its authenticity.

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