Ginger tea for weight loss the most effective.

Ginger came to us from the Eastern countries. It has healing properties. By studying the beneficial properties of this wonderful root, many doctors, in ancient times,

added it to almost all culinary dishes from entrees to desserts.

Rhizomes have useful properties. It contains many vitamins (C, A, 2 . 1 . Niacin), minerals (magnesium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, zinc, potassium, iron) and essential amino acids.

It can be drunk as a tea, add to salads who want to lose weight

Tibetan monks claimed that this “horned root” is a hot product, invigorate, refresh and warm, and stimulate the body’s circulation, remove toxins and speed up metabolism.

Experts in traditional medicine claim that ginger tea effective for weight loss. with essential oils that are contained in the root, and active substances that enhance the metabolic processes in the body.

He also contributes to the fact that the skin stay young longer. Thus, it should always be kept on the shelf of the refrigerator and consume in our diet.


There are many variants of the recipe for ginger tea, which contributes to weight loss that you will very easily choose the suitable one for yourself.

Recipe № 1.

Considered to be the easiest recipe: put in a thermos and chopped finely a small piece of the root, then fill it with boiling water and after 30 minutes can be drinking. To drink this tea, you need all day. But if you stick to a diet drink it whenever you want, during the day, but if you have a normal power – for thirty minutes before the main food.

Recipe No. 2:

the ginger should be cut into thin and small strips, put in a pot and cover with water. Then on low heat bring to a boil and simmer for twenty five minutes. Cool tea to body temperature, then add the lemon juice and honey and drink throughout the day.

In Hollywood, this tea is very famous. However, in his add and other herbs (mint, lemon balm, cranberries, etc. ). For example, demi Moore, also drink ginger tea, only except for the lemon and honey, it also adds Melissa and mint. This tea can also be combined with cowberry leaves, this tea improves the urinary bladder and kidneys. Also tea with dandelion root for weight loss plus a pinch of grated root, will be a good effect.

Recipe № 3 .

Designed for those who wish to lose weight. The tea contains: ginger (1 piece), garlic (1 clove) and water (twenty parts). All you need to mix, add water, twenty-five minutes, to insist in a thermos, and then drain. Drink this tea throughout the day.

Recipe No. 4 .

Helps with female diseases. Recipe preparation: put in a thermos and chopped finely a small piece of root and some rose hips (small handful), then fill it with boiling water and after 30 minutes can be drinking.

Recipe No. 5.

Designed to cleanse the body. Recipe: brew in a thermos for a small amount of green tea, then add a little of the Seine, finely chopped petals of the root and buckthorn bark. To drink this tea needs during the fasting days. However, these days you need to stay at home as of the day the body within will actively get rid of toxins.

Recipe No. 6 .

Helps in the body to improve metabolic processes and promotes weight loss. Recipe preparation: put in a thermos and chopped finely a small piece of the root, then fill it with boiling water and after 30 minutes can be drinking. This tea drink every morning, adding a pinch of ground cloves and black pepper.

Recipe No. 7 .

Slimming tea with added ginger, cardamom and mint. Recipe: fresh mint leaves (60 g) grind well in a blender, then add half a small chopped root. In this mixture add a pinch of ground cardamom and pour with boiling water. Insist thirty minutes, strain the mixture and pour lemon juice (one third Cup) and orange juice (one fourth Cup). This drink should be served cold.

Ginger tea is also used not only for weight loss but for other purposes. For example, for treating bronchitis, colds. We offer you some recipes for tea, which not only help to lose weight, but also to deal with certain ailments.

Hot tea with ginger.

This recipe tea helps to cheer up and warm up after being in the cold for a long time. Recipe preparation: squeeze out the juice of two lemons, add boiling water so that the total amount of liquid was 300 ml. Then add the honey (two teaspoons) and a small amount of minced (ground) of the root. Divide the drink into two equal portions, to each add the whiskey (two tablespoons).

Ginger drink with the addition of green tea.

This recipe will help you lose weight, cure bronchitis, improve the complexion, as well as from the body will lead to harmful substances.

Recipe preparation: boil, for five minutes, green tea normal, usual way. Then pour the tea into a thermos and add a small amount of dry powder. Will insist it for thirty minutes and then drink.

Ginger tea with added elderflower, peppermint and yarrow.

This recipe will help with the stomach pain and diarrhea (upset stomach).

Recipe: brew in a thermos in equal proportions ginger, yarrow, mint and black elderberry flowers. Steep for thirty minutes. Drink as a tea.

Recipes with ginger dishes

Therapeutic rhizomes can be prepared not only tea, but also a variety of salads, soups, and eaten raw.

To reduce weight through eating the roots get enough time. But if you eat regularly, for several months, pieces of roots in pure form and ginger tea, you can get good results. And drinking this drink during the year will help you lose anywhere from ten to fifteen to twenty extra pounds.

In fasting days you can prepare salad with ginger slimming . It will help to quickly achieve good results. The recipe: take the orange peel (part 1), root (1 part), celery (part 1), lemon (2 pieces), baked beets (2 parts), fresh carrots (three parts). All you need to cut, add any of your choice, vegetable oil (sunflower, corn, olive) and mix thoroughly.Also root can just chewing between main meals and during the feast, in between meals or instead of meals. It also promotes weight loss.

When preparing tea, you can use not only the ginger root but and powder. Very convenient and practical, for brewing tea use a thermos.

Women who sat on this diet, believe that this tea is the most effective among all kinds of teas. Also if you limit the consumption of fatty and sugary foods — the process of losing weight will be the fastest.

To drink it is possible not only in the days allotted for losing weight, and regularly, brewing it with black and green tea. If you like to drink tea with honey, the honey must be diluted in warm ginger tea or eat the honey right off the spoon. You should not add a lot of lemon, one of cloves per Cup is sufficient.

Prepared medicinal tea must be strain, but the composition wakes very busy.

Not worth it to drink tea in the evening as it is very invigorating. If tea you don’t particularly like it, try the tea Puer to lose weight. it is also effective.

Tea, rhizomes should be cut thin, small petals (using a potato peeler). Two — three liters of water ginger need with the size of a small plum.

The root has its contraindications when:


liver diseases;

gallstone disease;

elevated body temperature;

inflammatory processes in the intestine, ulcer, ulcerative colitis.

In various diseases of blood vessels, heart and hypertension should definitely consult a doctor about the use of this particular root.

During pregnancy and lactation, you can also eat the roots, but only under medical supervision.

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