Food Union has released a new sorbet

Did you know that sorbet is one of the oldest frozen desserts and existed in the first century BC, and it was invented by the Romans and the Persians? This delicacy, saving your recipe and the name, passed down through the ages, to become in our days one of the most popular types of ice cream. Today ice cream smoothie you can buy in the store, eat it at the beach cafe or restaurant high class, but in the moments when you have more free time, Latvian recommend to make it at home.

To cool off on hot days, a light and luscious treat, one of the leading dairy Food company Union released a new sorbet «Nu Smoothie” with apricots – a dietary product, because in its composition 0% fat and energy value is only 77 calories. Consisting of one ’s Nu Smoothie” 3/4 apricot. New “Nu Smoothie” complements the existing range of frozen-smoothie: now «Nu Smoothie” is available in three flavor variations – apricot, mango and raspberry. All sorbets “Nu Smoothie” 100% natural, without dyes and artificial flavors.

To not be embarrassed by the window with ice cream and buy exactly what they want most of all, it is important to know what the difference between a smoothie from frozen fruit or frozen juice.

The modern ice-cream-smoothie (sorbet) there are countless variations of taste, but its essence one – it’s a fruit-berry ice cream, which is no milk, cream and fat. Therefore, fruit ice cream smoothie can be called a diet dessert, because it has very few calories. On the contrary, the main component of the fruit ice cream is milk or cream ice, supplemented with fresh berries and pieces of fruit, and the glaze is made of natural fruit juices. As for frozen juice, its name speaks for itself – it’s ice cream, main part of which is the juice .

Summer smoothie recipes from Latvian

The weekend promises to be hot – according to weather forecasts, sometimes the air warms up to +27 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the five Latvian recommend to make a fruit ice cream smoothie at home, independently, or, if no time to eat ice cream «Nu Smoothie”, to cool off during hot moments, dietary, juicy treat.

Raspberry-banana smoothie/sorbet – recipe Christina Strazdina

«My favorite smoothie/sorbet consists of only four parts and is ready in five minutes using a food processor or blender. At the same time I am very pleased with the novelty of the “Nu Smoothie” – these sorbets I like the most, especially mango»

Ingredients . 250 g frozen raspberries, two medium banana 80 g freshly squeezed orange juice, 40 g of a clear sugar syrup.

Cooking . All the parts to put in the food processor and mix until smooth. Can be served immediately, like drinking a smoothie or sorbet previously freezing. When the mass hardens, it is applied in rosettes, decorated with raspberries and serve immediately.

Blackcurrant sorbet – recipe Inese Rosenthal

Ingredients . 600 g of black currant, 140 g sugar (or less), one orange, two tablespoons of water and 30 minutes.

Cooking . Currants cleaned and put in a saucepan. RUB the orange peel, but not all, and add the whole orange juice, a couple of tablespoons of water and sugar. Heat and boil until the first bubbles. Then mix in blender and chill it in the fridge and whisk, by hand or with a mixer. So delicious weight quickly turned into a sorbet, it was poured into a low bowl and put in the freezer, stirring every 30 minutes. In the freezer it is recommended to leave on all night.

“I served the sorbet straight from the orange peel, but if you want it to be more homogenous before freezing strain through a sieve, mixed in a blender a lot”.

Sorbet of strawberries and lime – recipe Linda Tellgren

Ingredients . 600 g of washed strawberries without stems, 2 tablespoons lime juice, 90 ml of water, 60 g of honey or 80 grams of sugar.

Cooking . All component parts are placed in a blender and mix until smooth, then place in an ice cream maker and prepare according to manufacturer’s instructions. Eat immediately or pour into a dish and put in the freezer for at least four hours). If no ice cream makers, tableware with sorbet put in the freezer and the first half hour, stir every 20 minutes.

Raspberry sorbet and Baileys – recipe Anita Kunda

« raspberry Sorbet and Baileys, I recommend to cook in the second half of June, in the season of raspberry. But until raspberries in my grandmother’s garden in the woods and only Matures, we can enjoy all natural and low calorie raspberry sorbet “Nu Smoothie“” – Anita Kunda.

Ingredients . 300 g raspberries 100 ml Baileys liqueur.

Preparation: Raspberries skip through the blender, mix with Baileys, pour into a plastic container with a lid and put in the freezer. Every hour, stir with a spoon, and after 3-4 hours you can eat. All night this sorbet in the freezer can not leave, because he will turn to stone.

The cherry sorbet and rhubarb – recipe Laine Dunya

Ingredients . one rhubarb medium size (about 170 g), 300 g cherries, 180 g of water, 100 grams of brown sugar, the juice of ½ lemon.

Preparation: boil water in a saucepan with the sugar, add the peeled and sliced rhubarb, a little patipatti, then add the cherries and boil again. To the cooled mass add lemon and mix in a blender. Pour into a container with a lid that can be put in the freezer. While you can freeze a few times to mix. Before serving, stir again in the blender.

About Food Union:

Brand Food Union brings together two of the largest milk processing enterprises of Latvia – JSC ” Rīgas piena kombināts and JSC Valmieras piens, as well as the largest ice cream producer in Estonia, JSC Premia Foods.

Food Union is the largest milk processor and one of the leading producers of food products and beverages in Latvia. According to preliminary data, the turnover of Food Union in the Baltic States in 2014 reached 125 million euros. The number of Food workers Union currently exceeds 800. The company buys milk from more than 400 farms of Latvia.

The production of Food Union meets the highest standards of safety and quality of food. Production facilities are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and ISO 22000, FssC 22000 and Chinese standard of food safety HACCP.

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