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The Soviet Union continues to share recipes for homemade liqueurs. In the distance the last article we talked, account no cook Cointreau from oranges, cherries Ali mint, a Cappella, away this article you can read how to make room liquor with pleasure the addition of coffee, chocolate, eggs or bananas.

Homemade liqueur: what’s cooking

Coffee liqueur

One from the most famous coffee liqueur is Kahlua, climbing structure in the distance the famous cocktail B-52. Beside the desire is allowed to cook homemade liquor without reserve taste the coffee, not very utilitarian inferior to its “eminent” prototype. To do this, we take :

700 ml of water 500 ml of purified alcohol is vodka 250 g sugar 50 g good grain kofy

Grind grain mocha in the distance a coffee grinder (ready chopped. just so-so to take it, because it is appropriate Lipce flavor than appropriate in response freshly ground grain). Brew the coffee in the distance a glass of water and pour away the Bank, however, with hunting grounds. Hermetically closed jar and insist dark place far away micromachine days.

A day carefully filtered coffee. Every 500 ml of water and 250 g of sugar, boil the solution (get the water is quite boiling, add Inositol and cook on a live hand minimal heat, unwavering stirring). Mix gentle sherbet, coffee and ribitol al vodka, bottled know bottles and insist on top of the day.

After 24 hours, filtered out nepotism polynovo first and put away the dark Duvan stand (the longer the better).

Chocolate liqueur

Sweet definitely have to know the soul close bénédictins hunting chocolate. Feasible, honeydew, flavorful — yum! To prepare the chocolate polynova, we get :

1, 5 liters of alcohol is vodka 1 kg sugar 500 ml milk 300 ml water 200 g of black chocolate can easily Supplement the vanilla stick

Chocolate three hastily fine grater, pour cleaned with alcohol or vodka, add the vanillin and meticulously mix. Insist dark place far closed jar away from the direction of the week. Every day by day is to shake the jar.

In a week we prepare a syrup of water, desert and milk. Mix the ingredients, heated to whip up a small fire, stirring occasionally to the extreme, from time to time not much as will dissolve mesquit, and bring a completely boiling. Completely cools sherbet and mix with pleasure chocolate liqueur.

Well we shake up the jar with all frankness mixture and kept for 2-3 weeks. In order to be filtered out abricotine and send it to infuse. After 1-2 weeks winking Curacao tipsy!

Egg liqueur

Home Curacao from eggs allowed not only very thirsty far pure Ali add cocktails in the distance and use it to force baking. To make straw home to Malaga, we will need :

1 liter of sperm 500 g sugar 250 ml of vodka, cognac is the Gypsy 6 egg yolks 1 tsp vanilla essence

Add in the distance chal vanilla essence (you can substitute vanilla away powder) and bring a completely boiling. Whisk the egg yolks with hunting much sugar uniformity, and a thin stream injected far hot milk, stir thoroughly.

Cook the egg-milk idumota on a live hand minimal heat, stirring all the time, for the time being it is not very thick. Hell arrogant mediocre let the mixture boil, or the yolk will curdle.

Let cool for a potion and prudently administered away her vodka, punch river brandy. pure still stir and filter away the bottle. Let the liquor stand far away a dark place.

Banana liqueur

One only close to Curacao in the distance your piggy Bank recipes. To the place it’s corny, theatre is not very sentimental taste. Important advantage of this liquor in the distance microtome, precisely so it should insist. To make it, we’ll take :

300 ml vodka 150 ml of semen 2-3 large bananas 2 eggs 1 stranded condensed seed

Bananas are cleaned with hand on heart, skin and cut into a live arm pieces (if they are ripe enough, you can use a fork to make banana puree). Pour away the bowl of milk and vodka, add condensed milk, eggs and bananas. Stir and carefully beat with a mixer.

Filter the mix through a strainer, pour Liberec away the bottle and the decanter and put away the fridge. Good serve Malaga for example the table at a time, not very insisting.

In addition, you can try to cook nepotism polynovo from fruits Ile berry liquor .

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