Homemade chocolate from scratch

Here they gather recipes homemade chocolate, which is made “from scratch”, i.e., from the source of cocoa butter and cocoa liquor. Because the majority found recipes homemade chocolate when it is necessary to melt the tile ready, or take the powders of the type of Froot loops, it’s not the same. Recipes these chocolatiers are hard to find, going to collect them here, if anyone else knows please write in the comments, send through the contacts, I would

be very happy!

How I make chocolate: cocoa butter and cocoa liquor

My homemade chocolate from source.

I have no cocoa, but cocoa mass and cocoa butter, and use them.

Usually do this: melt cocoa butter, previously it splits into pieces smaller. Add there to drown pieces of grated cocoa, often prevent. You can add a little cream. Add sugar (I use cane, and put relatively little, a few tablespoons per pint-liter chocolate mixture). Heat the entire mixture, often in the way, she is very hot (minimum fire), almost boiling. You can add a bit of butter, then the chocolate will end up a little softer, more melt in your mouth. Sometimes add dry coconut milk, but prefer without.

Cocoa powder is not added, is chocolate powder, like very cheap, same with carob. So do only on cocoa butter and cocoa grated with sugar.

After PowerISO, take a good mixer and beat the mixture. Especially important if it added the butter – then the mixture is heterogeneous, it is necessary beat well. It takes usually 5-7 minutes, the mixture becomes thick and homogeneous, it really does not come out, but rather falls into shape (I’m in silicon is poured, then pull out very easily), and hardens very quickly. Solidifies in cool place, and then even in the heat of the liquid does not become, that is, behaves the same as purchase. With butter – a little softer, without it is quite solid. But always VERY! delicious. -)


Sales have molds for chocolate (in Ozone occur just great, like this one for example – pictured right ), are silicone, but more like metal. You can apply cocoa butter or butter. Very convenient to use, and the portions are small work. And beautiful. -)

Homemade solid chocolate from cocoa beans

For 1 kg of chocolate we need:

350 g of cocoa beans (dried)

200g cacao butter

500 g icing sugar or crystalline sugar

1. To fry and grind the cocoa beans.

Beans frying, stir on the stove until the skin is not covered with cracks and begins to lag behind the grain. The pan should periodically shake for uniform heating of the beans. Once the beans are warmed so much that you hear a crackling carefully (very hot!) hands to separate the wheat from the skins. Grain be ground into fine powder, preferably on the electrical melnicka. The finer the grind, the higher quality chocolate (her engagement in the industrial particles get 25 thousandths of a millimeter).

2. Mix and heat the ingredients.

The roasted and ground beans of the cocoa beans mixed with 200 g of cocoa butter, 500g icing sugar and with constant stirring, heated to 50 degrees Celsius (NOT HIGHER! otherwise the icing sugar will form lumps).


To prevent long and assiduously, in the industrial production of mass in motion (continueda) up to 36 hours. Do not add water or other liquid: if the mass will turn out too thick, you can add 1 teaspoon of cocoa butter.

3. Pour into forms.

To cool the chocolate to 29 degrees and pour the still warm in small forms, to condemn in the fridge for about 30 minutes to get from the molds ready solid chocolate.

Sugar – stakan.

Milk – 0.5 cups

Cocoa 4 tbsp

Boil the milk with sugar and vanilla. Add to the butter mixture. When it’s dissolved, add milk powder and cocoa, stirring constantly, put the mixture on low heat and cook for 15 minutes. When the mixture has thickened, pour it on the dish, soaked in cold water. Chocolate layer should be not 1 see tolde The cooled mass is cut into squares or rectangles. In chocolate you can add nuts, raisins, and chopped dried fruit .

In this recipe, somehow very little cocoa. While cook did not try.

5 tablespoons of milk;

50 g of butter;

6-8 tablespoons of sugar;

5 tablespoons of cocoa;

1 tsp flour;

ice moulds, or some other molds into which we pour a hot chocolate, I use silicone, they are very comfortable tiles to get.

Take a saucepan, pour into it the milk, cocoa, sugar, mix everything and put on the heat. Next, bring to the boil and add 50 g of butter. Continuously and slowly stirring the mixture, gradually add the flour and bring again to a boil. Once the flour is fully and evenly placed, remove from heat the pan.

As a filling in chocolate you can add nuts (chopped walnuts, peanuts or hazelnuts), and raisins. Still can be filled with our chocolate wafer crumbs. If you will be doing chocolate with “stuffing”, it is better to do layers at the stage of pouring into molds. Half molds pour the chocolate, then sprinkle nuts or other toppings, then pour the other half of the form.

Get molds for chocolate and pour the contents of the pan into molds, put them in the freezer. After a few hours, the chocolate will become hard and will be ready for use.

Here is the same as in the previous recipe – not enough cocoa.

From the comments to this recipe:

And if you prepare for the written recipe, we get the usual homemade frosting with flour. I have such a mom my whole childhood was cooking. She is very well watered cakes, and so does not stick, you can sprinkle something (coconut, walnut, etc.). Even cocoa is such a property that I noticed while working as a pastry chef, as it is added to the sponge or dough needs more flour. So if you add more cocoa, “chocolate” will not harden.

And another recipe for homemade chocolate from cocoa powder.

You will need: milk – 250 g, cocoa – 70 g sugar – 500 g water – 150 g butter – 100 g

Powdered milk mixed with cocoa, pour in hot syrup (sugar plus water), shake thoroughly. Add butter, knead until then, until the butter is dissolved.

The form of grease, pour it into the chocolate mass and knife greased with butter, to smooth the surface. Optionally, you can paint the tip of the knife different patterns on the surface of the mass.

After cooling the mass to put it in the fridge for final curing.

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