White tea is the Most interesting

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Applies Tibetan tea for weight loss – having healing properties and displays cancerogene and wastes. when applied correctly Tibetan tea can achieve a good curative results. Tibetan tea with butter, it’s certainly not for everybody. There is a Tibetan Kombucha. Which also make a tincture of tea.

The body should not lose more than 3% by weight in a month. If you lose more – for him it’s stress. Tibetan tea allows for a 100 days to be purified without stress, without disturbing the natural functions of the body. National ways of preparing tea to Tibetan way. In Tibet, tea is consumed in the diet as usual for all the peoples of liquid and dry form. … So, three large cups of tea is about 8 km. After exhaustive research and own studies ,based on centuries-old experience of Tibetan healers, the Corporation produces Tibetan tea “Yin-Chen”, which is an ideal means of treatment and improvement of the liver. Made according to an ancient recipe, Tibetan tea is 100% valuable herbs and plants without the addition of preservatives and food coloring. Thanks to its natural composition tea has a mild effect on the body and improves the metabolism.

To make Tibetan tea you need to take a pint of milk 1,5%-2,5 % fat and the same amount of water … tea and 1 teaspoon of tea “fruity”. Tea to pour water in an enamel pan and put it on the fire. Israeli doctors have created a unique useful drink – Tibetan tea . consisting only of natural herbs without preservatives and dyes. The composition includes from 11 to 15 herbs depending on Your taste of the tea . The method of brewing tea . characteristic of the inhabitants of Tibet and some other countries of Central Asia. The method involves brewing in a liter of water 50-70 grams of brick tea and then adding it back 200-300 grams of Yak butter. Tibetan tea ceremony is a journey into the magical and mysterious world of ancient Tibet . The wizard will prepare for You an amazing drink PU-Erh tea with milk. This method of preparing tea is an ancient tradition of Tibetan monks.

* 25-35 grams of pressed glass of tea, best Bo Nai – it can be found in tea shops in Moscow and St. Petersburg. It is half-fermented tea. If it is not – regular full-leaf black tea.

* 1.5 cups milk

* 50-100 g butter

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