Best warming drinks

Warming drinks known to people a few centuries, among them are alcohol – mulled wine, grog, punch, Mead, toddy – and soft – mostly herbal infusions with herbs (teas), Russian sbiten, drinks based on chocolate and coffee.

And if the drinks with alcohol mainly play warming, warning of a cold role, teas and herbal infusions can be therapeutic, helping to get rid of early disease, often

much more effective than the usual tablets and, of course, without side effects.

A great advantage of the “winter” drinks is that, knowing the basic rules of cooking, you can always surprise your loved ones a delicious drink designed just according to your recipe, varying the ingredients to suit your taste and desire.

1. Mulled wine

This is one of the most famous beverages warming is. Its basis is warmed wine with spices.

Even his name – “gluhende Wein”, which translated from German means “burning wine” breathes warmth and aroma of good quality wines and spices.

The recipe for the mulled wine is simple . a small amount of water bring to a boil, put the spices and citrus zest, let it brew, and then add warmed to 70 degrees wine.

Two essential conditions: the wine should be of high quality (most often used are red wines, but quite acceptable and even interesting to try a drink made of white wine, preferably dry and mild) and the wine in any case should not boil !

They should not be resealed to warm the drink – it is better to make a fresh batch or keep warm by pouring the mulled wine in a thermos. It is also recommended not to use aluminum cookware.

Mulled wine is usually served in a tall glass, but it did not matter. Sometimes the drink is bottled in a ceramic tea cups look much more.

Despite the existence of a large number of recipes of this drink, it is always interesting to experiment, pick up the ingredients for my mulled wine.

Classic mulled wine recipe


0,75 l red wine


6-7 buds of cloves,

1/3 Cup water

1 tbsp sugar


In hot water, put nutmeg and cloves, bring to boil, let stand 10-15 minutes.

Strain in the broth to dissolve the sugar and gently, on the edge, add to warmed to 70 degrees wine.

Recipe of mulled wine with brandy and cinnamon

0.4 l red wine

75 ml brandy

50 ml vodka

50 g of sugar

nutmeg to taste

pinch of cloves

3 pinches of cinnamon

2 peas of fragrant pepper


Pour the wine into an enamel bowl, cover with sugar, put spices to heat, stirring with a wooden spoon, but do not bring to a boil.

Pour the rest of the alcoholic ingredients, heat again without boiling.

Pour into a thermos, to withstand a minimum of 1 hour.

2. Grog

We know exactly who appeared grog. In 1740 Admiral ordered diluted with water mandatory in those times daily ration of rum to sailors. Resourceful sailors quickly figured out what to do with received by Burda. It turned out that in a heated state, so even with the addition of spices will be a very good drink, warming and protecting from colds.

Since then Admiral was nicknamed the Grog, and we received a very tasty and healthy drink, which eventually began to make tea and alcohol – rum, brandy or vodka.

Grog is even more democratic than mulled wine – its ingredients may be sugar, honey, spices, citrus and fruits, caramel and even whipped cream.

In the grog alcohol content is much higher than in mulled wine, so use it with caution.

A classic recipe for grog


50 g tea infuser

0.75 to 1 liter of vodka

0.75 to 1 l of water

200-250 grams of sugar


Boil 1-2 cups of water, add the same amount of vodka and sugar.

Boil on slow fire for 5 minutes.

Brew tea in the remaining water in the usual way, let it brew.

In the hot syrup to pour strained tea ready and remaining slightly warmed vodka, stir.

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