How to brew green tea

I Panska tea ceremony is fraught with many secrets. One of them: how to make green tea, removing most of its beneficial properties. In this article you will learn how the morning and after lunch is equally cheerful and fresh feel to have a clear mind and not get tired of it – just the right brewing green tea. Sounds tempting? Then read.

The habit of drinking morning tea I made at work. Tea helped to take a moment, take a break. At first, black with sugar, over time, tried green without sugar, like. Being twice pregnant or nursing, then again to black tea, with sugar and milk.


And only recently, during a break at work, scattered looked into her dinner Cup of green tea and really for the first time wondered what it attracts me so much? What is the secret of normal green tea?

And secrets, actually, several. This:

water for tea;

in fact, tea;

kettle for boiling water;

tea infuser;


The right combination of all components of our “tea ceremony” and results in the same “energy drink”, which really clarifies thoughts and refreshes the mind.

Water for tea in no case should not be from the tap. The ideal water source in your area. If there is none, or you don’t know about it, then non-carbonated soft water, which is usually sold in stores. Or, in extreme cases, the water passes through a household charcoal filter.

Green tea choose not fermentatively can with Jasmine. It is smooth, not sharp, not “fried” flavor. Try a few varieties, you’ll understand what I mean. Do not take tea with fruit additives and flavors, all this is nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Cast iron kettle, tetsubin has a long and glorious history. Originally used for boiling water, modern tetsubin Chinese manufacturers often cover the inside and outside with enamel to protect from corrosion and provide a tea strainer. Note – in tetsubin you should not brew the tea, and it does not rust, if you perform a few simple operations.

How to use a cast iron kettle with enamel on the inside and without her

Pour as much water as you need for one welding + a little rinse of the teapot.

Put on a very small fire, on what is capable of your plate.

Wait until boiling, carefully, using a clean linen napkins (the kettle is very hot!) remove tetsubin of fire the burner when it is turn off, rinse the teapot with boiling water, return tetsubin on the stove. Drain the teapot water, pour the tea in it (the number may vary depending on the time of day, but never drink green tea on an empty stomach), then take tetsubin, pour tea, using ALL the water. Return the cast iron kettle on the fire just for a couple seconds, rising and wiping with a cloth cover to keep the water out of the kettle has completely evaporated. Replace the cover on the kettle. All! The presence or absence of enamel on the inside of the kettle it does not matter, it will not rust.

Tea infuser also requires special treatment. Never wash it with anything except ordinary baking soda and always rinse with boiling water before brewing.

And the last important detail: honey . A few tea-spoons favorite flower honey to tea is guaranteed to fill you with energy. You should not dissolve the honey in the tea, just eat it and drink tea.

Have a nice day and enjoy your tea!

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