How to brew Jasmine tea

Jasmine is one of the plants with the most fragrant and beautiful flowers that exist. But, in addition, the flowers have beneficial and therapeutic properties that need to know, you never know, may in good stead.

And so the topic of the article ” Jasmine Flowers. Therapeutic properties. How to brew Jasmine tea”

Jasmine flowers medicinal properties

promote healing of injuries to the mouth

help in the treatment of respiratory diseases tract such as laryngitis, cough, hoarseness

help to reduce the temperature

help to lower cholesterol

help reduce stress and improve your mood thanks to the sedative properties

reduce inflammatory processes of various kinds in the body

relieve pain in women during menopause, menstruation and pain after childbirth

possess antioxidant properties

help to fight infection

very useful for treating muscle pain.

Tea made from Jasmine flowers — this is the extract which is consumed for hundreds of years in the East and for decades known in the West for its medicinal properties.

Jasmine tea is considered beneficial in the treatment of depression, particularly depression after childbirth and emotional depression.

How to brew Jasmine tea

Brewing Jasmine tea — it’s not such a complex process.

First You will need to boil water.

Add 1 tablespoon of flowers and Jasmine leaves in your teapot infuser and pour hot water.

Cover it and steep for about 3 minutes, but not longer than 5 minutes because you can get a bitter taste. Since he already has a sweet, floral taste to put any sweetener, but if you want you can add some sugar or honey.

Jasmine tea is ready to use!

For medical purposes you can also use the oil for external use. Body massage with this oil will not only raise your spirits, but will also ease the pain.

In aromatherapy it is better to use Jasmine oil combined with oil drops of ylang-ylang. This mixture helps to restore a healthy state of body and soul.

For effective results you must use these products for a long time because natural medicine — it’s certainly effective, but takes a little more time than traditional medicine.

Very easy to buy tea from the flowers of Jasmine or oil, as this products are very famous.

In General, as a rule, does not cause side effects from the consumption of tea, even in pregnant women and during lactation. But we always recommend to consult a doctor before starting treatment with herbs.

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