Useful and medicinal properties

Useful and medicinal properties of willow-herb, harvesting, fermentation and contraindications

About the plant Ivan tea

Fireweed (epilobium, Koporye tea) is a drink very pleasant to the taste and color, has a powerful healing effect!

Know about it more in Russia who used an infusion of willow tea as a drink and a cure for various ailments. This ordinary-looking grass on the therapeutic effects and healing properties, given the unique chemical content, surpasses even seaweed.

Drinking fireweed after sunset, you give your body a chance to prepare for recovery, on a soft, calm palpitations, reduce blood pressure and normalization of the General condition of health. This state of the night “suspended animation” – a real opportunity to extend or increase the active periods of life not less than one-quarter of its cycle on average. And it is certainly a lot.

An example and confirmation regenerating properties fireweed is the life of a researcher of the early twentieth century – Peter Alexandrovich Badmaev. Most of his works of science devoted to the study of the mysteries of the healing power of this plant. The healer lived one hundred ten years, and at the age of one hundred years – have experienced the joy of fatherhood. And who knows how many years he could still enjoy life, if it hadn’t broke prison in Petrograd.

Europe very quickly appreciated the advantages of this tea for its unique content. It comes in six and a half times more vitamin C than any lemon. In addition, there are tannins – up to 20 percent, a large number of flavonoids, mucilage and pectin. Therefore, from Russia this product was exported to Europe in huge quantities.

Koporye tea

It is made from plant material fireweed. It comes from the analogy of receiving green tea black. Preparing delicious and healthy tea begins with fermentation – 24-48 hours. From time of the beginning of the fermentation and the operating temperature depends on the odor, color and taste of the product, which happens a result of manipulation. The color of the tea becomes different green, yellow or very dark. A mix of black tea on the market there are no competitors! More fermentation will be discussed below

Useful properties of fireweed

The taste of willow tea has a pleasant and aromatic traits, leads the body in tone, encourages and adds vitality. He restorative effect on the whole body. In the heat there is no better way to quench your thirst regardless of the temperature of the drink. The main thing that makes this drink the most popular, especially for people leading a healthy lifestyle, it differs in composition from various caffeinated drinks and black tea.

It does not contain such negative elements as oxalic acid, purine bases and caffeine.

A list of the caffeine content in green tea of different brands manufacturers – learn

The fireweed is good for the blood, if used as a strong infusion or decoction of fireweed under the condition of constant use (increases the level of hemoglobin recovers normal in the blood)

What else useful fireweed?

It includes items such as b vitamins, vitamin C and iron, which support the hematopoietic function;

Assists in normalizing digestion and metabolism, improves all types of metabolism, especially lipid and carbohydrate;

Has a powerful antiphlogistics and antiseptic, it is effective curative and prophylactic drug in the overall scheme of treatment of infections and inflammations. In this matter, the leaves and flowers of this herb significantly superior to such known powerful natural antiseptics like willow bark, oak bark and UVA URSI. This specific effect of the plant is associated with content of flavonoids, tannins, carotenoids, vitamin C, organic acids, triterpenoids, minerals;

Prolongs the active life of the male body, maintaining and improving the function of the “second heart” – the prostate gland. In addition, significantly improves the condition of men’s overall health: increases the potency, normalizes erectile function. No wonder Ivan-tea is called “men’s” grass. Remember that the researcher Koporye tea P. A. Badmaev became the father of a hundred years;

Has a mild diuretic effect, normalizes water-electrolyte balance, lowering blood pressure ;

Thanks to members of the fireweed magnesium, b vitamins, flavonoids, it is an effective non-synthetic sleeping pills and sedatives, normalizes the psycho-emotional state (reduces nervousness, anxiety, eases headaches, normalizes night’s rest);

As Ivan-tea has tannins, mucilage, pectin and so on, it can improve and restore the digestive system, eliminating constipation, heartburn, goiter. This is achieved by enveloping, anti-inflammatory and reparative action;

Due to the presence in Koporye tea organic acids, in combination with magnesium and flavonoids, is shown choleretic effect;

Effect on viruses and resists allergies;

Reparative (healing) effect is achieved by the presence of grass in the content of elements such as chlorophyll, tanning mixture, carotenoids, which accelerate granulation and epithelialization of the lesions on the skin;

Gradually the pain-killing effect fireweed occurs due to the presence in the flowers and leaves of the diseases, mucus, flavonoids, magnesium;

Has lactational quality, prolonging breastfeeding and thereby improving the health of children;

Flavonoids and pectins leaves of fireweed are natural adsorbents and cleanse the body from toxic elements and impurities;

Endocrine organs operate smoothly and more effectively;

Grass is especially acquired success in the form of an antitumor agent due to the antioxidant action of hangala and other antioxidants – carotenoids, flavonoids, tannic compounds, copper, acids, belonging to organic, manganese, vitamin C, magnesium. While scientific studies have found that in fireweed herb contains low-toxic and high-molecular substances, showing “interest” in respect of cancer cells;

Slows down early skin aging, leaving it supple and elastic. All this is due to the substances stimulating the natural processes of collagen synthesis (yesteray, vitamin C, flavonoids, carotenoids, organic acids and copper).

Medicinal properties of willow tea

With regular use, Koporye tea is used in General and prophylactic treatment of the following diseases:

Anemia (anemia);

Gastritis, ulcer formation in the duodenum and the stomach, enterocolitis. colitis, disorders of the biliary system, pancreatitis ;

Inflammatory diseases of the urinary system in men (benign prostatic hyperplasia or prostatitis);

Infertility. regardless of gender;

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