How to make hot chocolate

To make hot chocolate, you will need a special device, also suitable steam crane machine.

Today popular two recipe hot chocolate — French and Italian.

The first one is more famous among the Slavic people as a drink called “cocoa”, but in any other European country, except Russia and Ukraine, don’t call it that. And hot chocolate in Italian must be so rich and thick that it should be eaten with a spoon rather than drinking.

So, in order to make hot chocolate in French, you should buy a bag of chocolate powder, thoroughly mixed with 25 grams of the mixture with 150 ml of milk. Then, the resulting composition should be heated using the machine.

Hot chocolate French can be considered finished only when the surface will disappear white foam. However, this stage of readiness cannot be considered as unambiguous as in many places hot chocolate is usually served with milk foam and the taste doesn’t vary.

This drink is usually served with a straw or without, in the Irish glass or a normal Cup of cappuccino. Prepared hot chocolate in French decorate the top with whipped cream, colored cakes powder, coconut flakes or cinnamon.

To make an Italian hot chocolate, you need to dissolve the 25-ounce bag of chocolate powder in 80 ml of milk and mix well, then the resulting mixture was heated in the coffee machine.

Once hot chocolate Italian thick, it can be considered ready. In fact, should get not drink, but rather a dessert that’s best eaten with a spoon. Serve Italian chocolate made in the special Cup of espresso or cappuccino.

For surface decoration usually use whipped cream, fruit, coconut, dried fruit, ice cream, cinnamon, various fruit and berry syrups, lemon and orange zest.

For the preparation of hot chocolate, the most suitable coffee machine capsule type. It is easy to use and affordable in price, and the principle of its work is in a sealed capsule with the main ingredient, which is placed in a special unit like this machine.

With this machine you can prepare espresso with a thick Crema, ristretto, but real hot chocolate.

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