Cocoa recipe Mesoamerican Indians

How to make a drink that can soothe the heart, to keep his mind and cure tuberculosis, how many beans could buy a rabbit in Nicaragua and how many times a day drank chocolate Aztec ruler Motecuhzoma II

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The Indians of New Spain cooked chocolate. The woodcut

artist of the French school. XVI century

First cocoa began to brew in the nineteenth century BC in Mesoamerica — a region that stretches from Northern Mexico to Nicaragua. Then drink from cocoa beans was an almost complete opposite of what we call cocoa today: the taste of it was bitter and astringent, and drank it mostly cold and not hot.

Bernardino de sahagún, a Spanish missionary, a Franciscan Continue reading

How to make 3 simple sorbet recipe

Sorbets appeared much earlier than the classic ice cream. A mixture of snow, honey, fruit puree and wine dabbled even the Roman Emperor Nero. But Alexander the great was very fond of berries, frozen in the snow, which was brought from the mountain tops slaves.

However, the inventors of the first cold dessert are considered Chinese. Ancient cooks mixed the snow with bits of citrus and pomegranate seeds. They were introduced to a new dish of the Persians, and those in turn — the Italians. The Arabs call a treat sherbet (they have the word denotes a thick sweet dish made of fruit, sugar, nuts and chocolate, and diluted with water juices with spices and soft drinks with jam).

In the manufacture of modern sorbets can be used in juices or pureed fruits and berries, alcoholic beverages, etc. not only do They freshen, raise the tone, but also invigorate — indeed, in this light delicacy contains a loading dose of glucose. Perfect fruit for dessert — peaches, apricots, Continue reading

Homemade classic vanilla ice cream and sorbet with raspberries.

How to make ice cream at home: recipes without ice cream maker


Ice cream — one of the most popular products in the heat. However, by the purchase in recent times a lot of criticism, and fans of all natural an excellent job with

the production of ice-cream at home — with the freezer and even without it. We offer you the recipes of vanilla ice cream and sorbet — for those who follow the figure while indulging in berry desserts.

Vanilla ice cream

The classic recipe, which is simply nothing to add. This ice cream is made from English cream and heavy cream has a light yellow color and great taste. It is best to aromatize his natural vanilla seeds, but if this is not possible, try to find a vanilla (not vanillin) sugar or vanilla extract.

Approximately 1 kg of ice cream:

500 ml milk (3.2% fat content

1 vanilla pod (seeds)

50 g of sugar

5 egg yolks

110 g icing sugar

300 g cream Continue reading

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