Cocoa – healthy food

&nbsp Cocoa – forgotten but very useful!

Today we cannot imagine life without chocolate taste and aroma. But once the cocoa beans were in short supply and was worth its weight in gold, they fought, they were paid, like modern money for vital subjects, for example, slaves…

Waiter, can fry these quail?

– Unless they are poorly done?

– I don’t know, but they already drank all my cocoa!

From fiction to history

Once upon a time in Mexico, the Aztec moon God Quetzalcoatl stole the seeds of the cacao tree in the country of the children of the Sun and gave them to the people. But initially choose the Aztecs lived in areas with dry climate, where cocoa can not grow. Therefore, for the divine drink had to conquer neighboring territory, where grew the whole plantation of cocoa beans. From the conquered territories was levied tribute, lion’s share this tribute and were chocolate beans. They were kept together Continue reading

As the proper cooking cocoa

For many, it is no secret that cocoa is not only delicious, but also healthy drink. Therefore, it is desirable to know how to properly brew this aromatic drink, sometimes to pamper yourself or entertain loved ones. For those who are going for the first time to make this treat, and we wrote this article, having considered all the nuances of cooking cocoa.

To prepare this drink you need milk, preferably cow home, a little sugar and, of course, cocoa powder. In the pot where you will cook a treat, pour a little water, enough to completely cover the bottom. After water boils,

pour into a saucepan the milk.

At this time in the Cup thoroughly mix sugar and cocoa. After that, pour there a little bit of water and stir well until a thick homogeneous chocolate mixture without lumps. After that you need to connect cocoa sugar paste with milk. Constantly stirring the milk, squirt the mixture, Continue reading

Cocoa recipe Mesoamerican Indians

How to make a drink that can soothe the heart, to keep his mind and cure tuberculosis, how many beans could buy a rabbit in Nicaragua and how many times a day drank chocolate Aztec ruler Motecuhzoma II

Produced Hope Biryukova

The Indians of New Spain cooked chocolate. The woodcut

artist of the French school. XVI century

First cocoa began to brew in the nineteenth century BC in Mesoamerica — a region that stretches from Northern Mexico to Nicaragua. Then drink from cocoa beans was an almost complete opposite of what we call cocoa today: the taste of it was bitter and astringent, and drank it mostly cold and not hot.

Bernardino de sahagún, a Spanish missionary, a Franciscan Continue reading

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