How to make 3 simple sorbet recipe

Sorbets appeared much earlier than the classic ice cream. A mixture of snow, honey, fruit puree and wine dabbled even the Roman Emperor Nero. But Alexander the great was very fond of berries, frozen in the snow, which was brought from the mountain tops slaves.

However, the inventors of the first cold dessert are considered Chinese. Ancient cooks mixed the snow with bits of citrus and pomegranate seeds. They were introduced to a new dish of the Persians, and those in turn — the Italians. The Arabs call a treat sherbet (they have the word denotes a thick sweet dish made of fruit, sugar, nuts and chocolate, and diluted with water juices with spices and soft drinks with jam).

In the manufacture of modern sorbets can be used in juices or pureed fruits and berries, alcoholic beverages, etc. not only do They freshen, raise the tone, but also invigorate — indeed, in this light delicacy contains a loading dose of glucose. Perfect fruit for dessert — peaches, apricots, Continue reading

White tea benefits and harms of Tea Though

White tea is not that other, as the young shoots of the tea Bush, on which surface there is a white cloth. This tea has a cooling effect and has the greatest concentration of substances with invigorating properties.

Imperial beverage

It turns out that recently became popular in Europe white

tea is loved even during the reign of the emperors in China. A famous legend says that one of them by chance discovered this divine drink.

One day in his Cup of hot water were a few leaves from a tea Bush and revealed. The result came out delicious and unusual drink that is appreciated by not only the ruler, but all of his subjects. Over time, white tea has become extremely popular not only in China but also outside it.

A variety of grades

In reality, white tea is a very expensive drink. The fact is that for manufacturing the desired Continue reading

Green tea harm or benefit

The birthplace of green tea, according to many researchers, is China. In culture it was introduced in II-III centuries A. D. In Russia green tea appeared in 1638 to Four pounds outlandish dried sheet was brought from Mongolia as a gift from Altyn-Khan Russian Tsar Mikhail Fyodorovich Ambassador Vasily Starkov. In 1679, an agreement was signed with China for the supply of tea, and since then Russia has become a tradition the custom of drinking tea. In 1833 the first tea plantation was established in the Crimea, and in 1847 – near Batumi. The Republic of Belarus tea imports.

The tea plant in the world is cultivated for its leaves. And collect only the young, only blossoming. The most valuable young shoots with 2-3 leaves and unopened buds.

Green tea contains Continue reading

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