Willow herb is a useful plant with miraculous properties

Ivan-tea — time-proven beneficial properties

Amazing plant Ivan tea has many healing properties and is a storehouse of vitamins and various trace elements taken from nature. It is used for the treatment and prevention of various diseases and to raise the immunity. Also a decoction of this herb — beautiful toning and invigorating drink. What is this amazing plant Ivan tea, and how to apply it? To understand this, you need to know what a helpful trace elements enter into its composition.

Habitat and history of the name

Find places where growing fireweed is very easy because it is distributed throughout Russia, grows everywhere in forest clearings and glades, fields and dry peat bogs, along roads and on waste grounds. Fireweed rises to a height Continue reading

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Teapots and tea strainers

Tea strainer: a gift for the true connoisseurs of delicious tea

For people who consider themselves true fans of delicious and aromatic tea original tea strainers will become an indispensable accessory. The fact is that real foodies don’t recognize the drink made of disposable bags is just excellent large sheet! But sometimes you do not want to mess with the teapot, it is much easier to take the tea bag… No, better – tea strainer !

For those who are always in a hurry

Silicone tea strainer is a great choice for all people who love high quality tea, and don’t want to spend too much time cooking it. Strainers for tea irregular shape will appeal to all who appreciate a quality kitchen utensils, gets along with his sense of humor and loves positive things.

Why silicone tea strainer?

Silicone strainer for tea no wonder so fond of gourmands. Silicone is the perfect material for such kitchen Continue reading

Green tea harm or benefit

The birthplace of green tea, according to many researchers, is China. In culture it was introduced in II-III centuries A. D. In Russia green tea appeared in 1638 to Four pounds outlandish dried sheet was brought from Mongolia as a gift from Altyn-Khan Russian Tsar Mikhail Fyodorovich Ambassador Vasily Starkov. In 1679, an agreement was signed with China for the supply of tea, and since then Russia has become a tradition the custom of drinking tea. In 1833 the first tea plantation was established in the Crimea, and in 1847 – near Batumi. The Republic of Belarus tea imports.

The tea plant in the world is cultivated for its leaves. And collect only the young, only blossoming. The most valuable young shoots with 2-3 leaves and unopened buds.

Green tea contains Continue reading

White tea is the Most interesting
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How to brew Jasmine tea
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Green tea the harm and benefit, contraindications
In the modern world with an abundance of genetically modified foods, nitrate vegetables and fruits problem use is very serious. Green tea is one of the natural products of today.…

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