Kalmyk tea, recipe, benefits and harms

The average person usually drinks in daily life are just a few fairly standard drinks. So from teas are very popular with only black but green, however, the range of such a drink is much broader. After all, many healthy and tasty drinks that were consumed by our ancestors, are now undeservedly forgotten. One of them is Kalmyk tea, he came to us from Asian nomadic peoples. This drink has many useful qualities that have been confirmed in many studies.

We will give Kalmyk tea? Benefits for the human body

All the useful qualities of Kalmyk tea are due to its unique chemical composition. Essentially, this drink is a green tea, so it contains elements such as stimulating and invigorating caffeine, as well as many healing tannins, and catechins that keep our youth Continue reading

How to make ginger tea for weight loss

Pungent ginger came to us from the East. It was there for the first time based on it made the tea, which has a beneficial effect on the entire body due to the high content of essential vitamins and minerals. In the composition of root ginger has iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus and potassium, vitamins a, B1, B2, C and amino acids (threonine, phenylalanine, Leysin, valine, methionine, etc.) The ability of ginger to speed up the metabolic processes in the body, and hence to reduce weight, is achieved by penelopides substance — gingerol. That gives Oriental spices-spicy.

Ginger tea for weight loss you need to drink before each meal, it is better for 20-30 minutes. This drink will not only help to reduce weight, but also improve the entire body. Ginger tea is effective for colds, because it has a warming, expectorant and tonic effect. It has antispasmodic Continue reading

5 effective recipes detox

Spring – the best time to cleanse the body after the “heavy” and, to be Frank, not always useful winter food with mayonnaise salads, fatty meat and a lasting sweet desire. In turn, young vegetables, greens and herbs allow you to make the process of ocimene I not only useful and necessary, but delicious.

Today, many nutritionists suggest ready program detox menu. However, You can do this program at home. For this You need to eliminate from your diet is potatoes, flour, prepared foods, juice boxes, fatty and fried, milky and sweet. The basis of Your diet will be vegetables and fruits. Well, the king of detox programs, of course, smoothies.

Smoothie is easy to cook – you must chop all ingredients, place them in the bowl of a blender and grind until smooth. If smoothie is too thick, you can add water.

We offer Continue reading

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